30 Seconds to Mars

Last week I gave you guys a Minute to Win It Workout… well this week I thought I’d downsize the time but kick some serious butt, minimal rest, and quick transitions.

Usually when I teach boot camps we switch between the aerobics room and the field house. Today was a mandatory field house day. We needed the space and room to run. If you’re knocking this baby out at home then you can substitute with some plyo or evening just running in place. Focus on getting your heart rate up during the cardio bursts!

Formula is 3 minutes of weights, 2mins of cardio. I had a heavier set of weghts: 10lbs, and then a lighter set (for shoulder stuff): 6lbs. Higher weight is great for these since they are short bursts but focus on your form. Drop your weight if your form is compromised.

Let’s get to it!

30s for each:
Bicep Curls

Bent Rows
Squat with Figure 8 weight pass
Plank Rows
Burpees with Overhead Press (light weights)
Lunge Jumps

Cardio, 1min each:
Back Pedaling
Squat Jumps

30s each:

Chest Flys
Tricep Press
Concentric Curls (30s each side)

Squat with Arm Swings
Pelvic Thrusts with weights
Shoulder Raises

Cardio, 1min each:

High Skips
Nordic Skier

30s each:
Wide Bicep Curls
Lunges with Overhead Press
Jumping Jack with Front Punch (light weights)

Sumo Squat with Lateral Pull

Cardio, 1min each:
High Knee Run
Sprint (we did a suicide run, down and back from each goal line)

For my hour class we repeated the first two sets of weights and cardio. Then, its was time to really finish the workout, time for abs!

Abs, 30s each:
In & Outs
Bicycles (legs only)
Scissor kicks with 3s hold before switches
Side Plank with Hip Raises (each side)
Plank (hold one leg up for 15s each)

My heart definitely got pumping on the cardio bursts and by using a heavier weight for the strength circuits I knew I was challenging myself. This would be a perfect workout if you’re on your own, or grab a friend and push each other.

We’re headed into Food Heaven Holidays, I love my cinnamon rolls and gravy, so I just keep myself on track as best as possible with high intensity workouts that get great bang for the buck.

Mentality check is just maintain, don’t gain.

Have a great Wednesday!


Minute to Win It

Sometimes you have an hour to work out and sometimes you have about 20 minutes. An arsenal of versatile workouts, especially ones that are total body, are pretty much the best thing you can do for yourself.

I’m a 5 day a week workout kind of girl. I try and knock them out during the week so that weekends are prime time for hanging out with Trevor and friends. Its just a bonus if I get an extra one in ๐Ÿ™‚ But just because I have 5 days to work out doesn’t mean every work out is created equal time wise. Some days are an hour, some are that 20min high intensity to get the job done.

So today in honor of being time conscious, here’s a workout that’s all about the MINUTE. 60 seconds of work, each exercise, and then you move on to the next. Keep it going, keep it moving, and keep your form!

*Be conscious of your fitness, what you’re safe to do, and don’t do anything that is painful.

Cardio 5 Minute Surge:
1 min Jog in place
1min Jumpe Rope
1min Quick Feet (think football!)
1min Straight Leg Kicks
1min Mountain Climbers

Weight Circuit:

1min Single Leg Lift Full Extension (switch sides at 30s)
1min Plank Walks
1min Hip/Leg Extensions (switch at 30s)
1min Leg only Superman Hold (add kicks 30s in)
1min Squat Hold with Weights
1min Walking Lunges with Weights
1min Chest flys on Fit Ball
1min Tricep Press-Tricep Kicks Backs (stand at 30s and finish with tricep Kickbaks)
1min Sumo Squats with Lateral Raise
1min Front Raises
1min Arm/Shoulder Circles
1min Sumo Squats with Lateral Raise
1min Side Plank (1min EACH SIDE!)

We started by going through the 5min cardio circuit, and then stretched out for a few minutes. Aim to complete both cardio and weight circuits twice! This is heavy on the shoulders, so lighter weights work great. Or if you want to challenge yourself go to lighter weights only when your form can’t be maintained.

Hope you’re having a good start to your week! Get some good workouts in before the sugar coma comes this weekend!!

Brutal Boot Camp

Told you guys that I went to several spin classes while I was home, but I did NOT say that I went to any boot camp classes.

I wrote myself a pass to do some cardio and spin, but take a nice hiatus from squats, burpees, and all things boot camp.

Boy did I pay the price on Wednesday.

If you think that instructors are invincible to the force that is soreness then I guess I’m a real pansy. I am still outrageously sore from Wednesday’s class. I am currently waddling, and gingerly lowering myself down when I have to sit. My legs and butt are in severe protest of movement.

So I hope that encourages you to kick some serious butt and give this a try. ๐Ÿ™‚ The work out can be broken up for anywhere from a 15min work out, to a whole hour. The hour is ROUGH. But I know I worked to my max, and not only got in strength training but some intense cardio as well.

Be safe, find your limits and always listen to your body…. but push yourself!

Set 1:
3mins Jogging
25 regular squats (with weights, I did 15lbs)
15 push-ups
50 Jumping Jacks
High Knee Skips for 50 yards

Set 2:







25 Squat plies w/ weights
15 forward lunges (ea side)
20 leg lifts ea. side
Leg Bounding for 50 yards

Set 3:
25 Bicep Curls
25 Dips/tricep kick backs
1 min Plank

Tabata Interval:

20s sprint
10 walk

20 tuck jumps
10 walk
20 basketball shuffle
10 walk
20 squat jumps
10 walk
20 sprints
10 walk

Set 4:
5 jumping jacks, 5 push-ups (x5)
25 bent over rows
15 step back lunges (ea leg)

Grapevine for 50 yards

Set 5:
25 Overhead Presses
20 standing oblique crunches (ea. side)
25 chest flys

Repeat Tabata Interval

Ab Set:
25 Leg Throws
25 Scissor kicks
25 Crunches
25 Oblique Crunches (ea. side)
30s Side Plank with hip lips (ea. side)
1min Plank

Save the ab routine for last, and repeat other sets and cardio runs for the time you have available.

I can’t emphasize enough: STRETCH OUT after this work out. Make sure to hold each stretch and reach. The intervals teamed up with the sets will definitely leave your legs feeling wiped, so stretching will do some much needed TLC.

Have a wonderful, spectacular weekend! Trevor and I have an Oktoberfest party tomorrow, so get ready for some rockin’ Lederhosen outfits next week ๐Ÿ™‚

Mix ‘n Match

Strength training has a bad rep. A lot of women think that the more weight you work out with the more you’ll bulk up. Sames-ies with protein powders.

Believe me, I feel the same way about some of the protein, muscle building, chalky crap. I also know I don’t want to look like this…

I definitely admire the mental and physical strength it takes to become these ripped creatures but I don’t pull off that dark of a tan well, and I have no will power to stop eating candy for X number of months.

But I do know and understand the importance of lifting and getting enough protein everyday.

I’m a chicken, seafood, and meat eater but not at every meal. I know that throughout my day I’m probably not consuming enough protein to keep my energy level and nutrition level happy.

Here’s how to figure out what you need: Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to figure out your weight in kilograms. Then multiply that number by 0.8 (not very active) through 1.8 (extremely active), depending on how much exercise you get.

I calculated mine and I need somewhere between 73g-85g of protein a day. Check out this chart and article if you want some guidelines too.

Its pretty important to get that quantity met and I know I’m not pulling my weight. So I’ve gotta up my intake if I wanna keep my guns…

I take this protein supplement, and mix it into my yogurt in the morning. I’m not a big chug my protein kind of girl, and this helps mask any hint of chalky-ness.

It’s pretty low cal as far as protein supplements go (80calories for 2 scoops) and its a nice vanilla flavor, which is great for breakfast mix-ins. This one is also formulated for women, and is packed with great extras.

Some other recommended ones are the Biggest Loser Protein Powder (chocolate), and Sun Warrior Protein Powder. Try tracking your protein intake for just one normal day and see how you’re doing.

Now back to lifting… I know its intimidating to hit the weight room. The gym rats, muscle rippling, body shaving sweat box can be a little freaky. No worries! Head into the fitness room where classes take place and hit up the dumbbells. You don’t need big weights, or giant machines just two sets of dumbbells (one heavier, one lighter).

Here are a bunch of exercises that can be mixed and match based on what you want to work out for the day. I use 8lb-10lbs for my heavy sets and around 5-7lbs for lighter set (like shoulders).

Push-Ups with Knee Crunches (raise one knee to you elbow in plank position, then do the other side, then a push-up, repeat)
Leg Raises
Tricep Kickbacks
Bicep Curls
Overhead Press
Wall Squats with Stability Ball

Calve Raises on Aerobic Step
Bicycle Crunches

Dive Bombers

Tricep Press
Wide Bicep Curls (elbows pinned to side, arms out in a V)

Regular Squat with Dumbbell
Leg Throws for Abs

Chest Flys
Dead Lifts
Lunges on Aerobic Step
Arm Circles with Light Weights
Sum Squats with weight
Oblique Crunches

You can do these exercises in the sets as I listed or mix to work just your arms or just your legs. Women should lift/strength train every week! It helps with bone density, weight maintenance, and obviously strength.

Don’t worry just because you lift doesn’t mean you’ll get HUGE! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Quickie

Have you heard the saying that “Someone Busier Than You Is On A Run”?

I know it’s the easiest thing to make excuses for, but finding time to work out can sometimes feel like just another item to check off your to do list. The thing is that once it becomes part of your daily routine there is not as much room for excuses.

Believe me I know the tricks of how to talk myself out of hitting the gym. And sometimes my day is honestly too packed.. BUT I have a solid commitment to make it 5 days a week. That leaves 2 days of wiggle room.

I usually use the week days as consistent workout days, but if one day is too busy then I can shift it easily to the weekend. I also convince myself that if an afternoon is hectic but the early morning is available.. I gotta suck it up and go. Yup, out of bed, gym clothes on.. Time to get my sweat on!!

My top things that encourage me to go to the gym are:

1) Put on my workout clothes before I even try to make excuses. This way even if I only have 20 minutes I can do some quick exercises at home, and not have the excuses of driving somewhere!

2) Unless I’m sick, going to the gym is something I rarely regret. It’s important to listen to your body and relax on days you need some R&R, but otherwise the gym is quality YOU time. I always leave feeling accomplished.

3) I try not to think of workouts as a cause-effect equation. Just BECAUSE I ate ice cream or had a big dinner doesn’t mean I HAVE to go to the gym. I go to the gym because it makes me feel good, strong, and healthy. I go to clear my head and to pump some endorphins around my bod. Working out should not be a punishment!

If I’m headed out-of-town, have only a little time to spare or driving to the gym seems a little to hard here is a circuit that will boost my heart rate, get a little sweat going and requires zero equipment.

Warm Up: 1min per exercise
Jumping Jacks
High Knee Runs
Jump Rope
Walking Lunges

Bunny Hop Squat Jumps
Side Lunges
Plank Rotations
Russia Twist Abs
Mountain Climbers
30s Rest
Jump Rope
Sumo Squats
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
Superman Raises
Side Plank (ea. side 30s)

Cool Down:
Jog in Place
Stretch out

The more time you have, the more you can repeat! Mountain climbers are the tough guys to really boost your heart rate. If you can keep transition time to a minimum you’ll blast more calories too.

Pat yourself on the back for getting workouts in where you can! Reward yourself with a workout instead of sitting on the couch! Sad but true, you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. Get your butt moving ๐Ÿ™‚

99 Problems

Not really.. I have very few problems.. that’s not true either. But I don’t have 99. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I do have a killer 99 style work out. Its a descending-butt-kicking-hell of a work out.

It’s awesome. There are LOTS of squats. So if your booty needs to get blasted, here it is!

99s Jumping Jacks
99 Regular crunches
99s Wall Sit
99 Leg lifts

9 Push-ups

88s Mountain Climbers
88 oblique crunches (44 each side)
88 Squats (holding dumbbell in middle of your squat)
88 Bicep Curls (if you start to wear down, switch to alternating)
8 Push-ups

77s Skiers
77 Leg throw crunches
77s Wall Sit
77 Bent Rows

7 Push-ups

66s High Knees
66 Bicycle Crunches
66 Squats with weight
66 Tricep Presses
6 Push-ups

Water Break.. Only for a min! Keep your heart rate up, and stay moving!

55s Jumping Jacks
55 Regular Crunches
55s Wall Sit
55 Leg Lifts
5 Push Ups

44s Mountain Climber
44 oblique Crunches (22ea. side)
44 Walking Lunges
44 Bicep Curls
4 Push Ups

33s Skiers
33 Leg Throw Crunches
33s Wall Sit
33 Bent Rows
3 Push Ups

22s High Knees
22 Bicycle Crunches
22 Squats with weight
22 Tricep Presses
2 Push Ups

Finish it with 1 Minute of Plank!

Burn through this workout and you’ll have done some serious squat time ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt this workout for about the last 3 days. Worth it!!

One Hund-o

As I’ve mentioned previously, I love Pinterest. So do most people. If you haven’t already, you should sign up for your next addiction. Cause what’s better than having a fun way to waste time??

I found this little baby one day while I was avoiding be productive:

I thought it’d be a great starting point for my boot camp class. But I wanted to add in more exercises so that we hit the full body and could leave feeling all over ripped ๐Ÿ™‚

So here’s the story:

Warm up:
Mountain Climbers for 60s
Jog in place for 60s
Toe Taps for 60s

Stretch out!

100 Jumping Jacks
90 Bicycle crunches
80 Squats (with 10lb weight)
70 Leg Lifts

60 bicep curls (with body bar)
50 standard crunches
40 French presses (tricep press with weight)
30 chest flies (with weight on ball)
20 Lunges (each side does 20)
10 Push-ups

Try to do this repetition 2-3 times! Challenge yourself with the weight you do, but focus on the quality of each rep. Make sure you have good form with the weight you’re using. If your form is sacrificed for a heavier weight, lighten it up and get back to the basics!

At the end finish up your work out with planks.

Side plank, each side (keep your hip nice and high)30s each side

Standard plank for 60s

Stretch out and you’ve kicked some 100 workout butt! Happy sweating ๐Ÿ™‚