Mix ‘n Match

Strength training has a bad rep. A lot of women think that the more weight you work out with the more you’ll bulk up. Sames-ies with protein powders.

Believe me, I feel the same way about some of the protein, muscle building, chalky crap. I also know I don’t want to look like this…

I definitely admire the mental and physical strength it takes to become these ripped creatures but I don’t pull off that dark of a tan well, and I have no will power to stop eating candy for X number of months.

But I do know and understand the importance of lifting and getting enough protein everyday.

I’m a chicken, seafood, and meat eater but not at every meal. I know that throughout my day I’m probably not consuming enough protein to keep my energy level and nutrition level happy.

Here’s how to figure out what you need: Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to figure out your weight in kilograms. Then multiply that number by 0.8 (not very active) through 1.8 (extremely active), depending on how much exercise you get.

I calculated mine and I need somewhere between 73g-85g of protein a day. Check out this chart and article if you want some guidelines too.

Its pretty important to get that quantity met and I know I’m not pulling my weight. So I’ve gotta up my intake if I wanna keep my guns…

I take this protein supplement, and mix it into my yogurt in the morning. I’m not a big chug my protein kind of girl, and this helps mask any hint of chalky-ness.

It’s pretty low cal as far as protein supplements go (80calories for 2 scoops) and its a nice vanilla flavor, which is great for breakfast mix-ins. This one is also formulated for women, and is packed with great extras.

Some other recommended ones are the Biggest Loser Protein Powder (chocolate), and Sun Warrior Protein Powder. Try tracking your protein intake for just one normal day and see how you’re doing.

Now back to lifting… I know its intimidating to hit the weight room. The gym rats, muscle rippling, body shaving sweat box can be a little freaky. No worries! Head into the fitness room where classes take place and hit up the dumbbells. You don’t need big weights, or giant machines just two sets of dumbbells (one heavier, one lighter).

Here are a bunch of exercises that can be mixed and match based on what you want to work out for the day. I use 8lb-10lbs for my heavy sets and around 5-7lbs for lighter set (like shoulders).

Push-Ups with Knee Crunches (raise one knee to you elbow in plank position, then do the other side, then a push-up, repeat)
Leg Raises
Tricep Kickbacks
Bicep Curls
Overhead Press
Wall Squats with Stability Ball

Calve Raises on Aerobic Step
Bicycle Crunches

Dive Bombers

Tricep Press
Wide Bicep Curls (elbows pinned to side, arms out in a V)

Regular Squat with Dumbbell
Leg Throws for Abs

Chest Flys
Dead Lifts
Lunges on Aerobic Step
Arm Circles with Light Weights
Sum Squats with weight
Oblique Crunches

You can do these exercises in the sets as I listed or mix to work just your arms or just your legs. Women should lift/strength train every week! It helps with bone density, weight maintenance, and obviously strength.

Don’t worry just because you lift doesn’t mean you’ll get HUGE! 🙂


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