Three’s Company

Trevor and I are a family. A unit of two. Two peas in a pod. Just the two of us….

But there is a third member of our tribe that has not been mentioned. He’s beginning to feel a little jilted. So please allow me to introduce to you…

This is Beemer.

Beemer has been living with us for a little over 3 months now. He lives a very sad and difficult life.

He suffers while chewing the mass quantities of sticks that are scattered all over our property.

He’s even forced to tolerate walks. It’s all very traumatic.

Beemer has joined our little household while his owners serve overseas. They were kind enough to trust us with their Golden Doodle while they sweat it out in the desert.

I’m actually really lucky to have this permed pooch around. He’s been pretty great company during the day and has gotten me out to explore more of Fairbanks. We’ve hiked more…

And even found a swimming hole.

I know the time will come when Beemer has to go back to his real home. But until then I try to keep him active, show him a good time.

Thought you guys should meet our foster dog 🙂