I feel like I need to check myself into an addiction clinic. Apparently I have a lot of them. I guess I’m programmed to become obsessed with things.

They don’t tend to be harmful though. So that’s something. They also don’t tend to be terribly expensive… I mean we already pay for cable, so my TV addictions are kinda a right off.. ish?

But there is one addiction, one obsession that has a tight grip on me. One that I can’t seem to shake….

I’m a grown adult. But I love me some ladybugs.

It all started when I was around the age of 8. My older sister, Elyse, had decided that she loved butterflies. I witnessed the power that this statement held on her birthday. She had tons of butterfly gifts. As a younger sister, I needed to find someway to copy this concept.

It couldn’t be something to close to a butterfly. I couldn’t choose a monarch just because the butterflies she liked where more colorful. It needed to be something different, something cute… something easy enough to find.


Red and Black. Cute. Tons of different items and options.

It started out simple enough. Some jewelry here. Some dorky clothes there….

But ladybugs took on a life of their own. It become a comfort thing to me. Whenever I saw ladybug stuff in a store, it made me smile… like it was there especially for me. And then my friends would say they thought of me when they saw a ladybug ____. It’s nice to have something that makes people think of me out of the blue 🙂

The good thing is that my mom has gotten especially creative on ladybug items. She knows I have plenty of earrings and I have more than enough ladybug stuffed animal (stuffed bugs?) but how fun are these??

Friends and family have joined in too… and I love my bugs. They make me smile and I remember everyone who gets me a new ladybug…

My college roommate got me this flattened wine bottle with the awesome Ladybug White label on it.

Trevor’s grandmother got me a ladybug pillow pal 🙂

And my parents gave me this yard flag when they came to visit.

Yes they are silly. No I probably don’t need them. But they are cute and make me happy. And well, I don’t care, I like them 🙂

Now if you see ladybugs I hope it makes you smile or roll your eyes because you know someone who really loves them. And maybe if it’s really cool you can tell me where to get it!

Do you have anything you collect? Something that people associate with you?