A Bit About Me

The number of things I fall in love with daily is rather ridiculous. I love all things food, and can’t seem to stop my mouth from watering at all the deliciousness that’s available to create in my own kitchen. A rather serious relationship in my life is working out. My running shoes and I are on first name basis and I’m afraid I wear them to death. The real relationship I have is my lovely and ridiculously handsome husband.

I currently live in the Interior of Alaska and am learning a new lifestyle that seems to be an evolving animal daily. Newly married, a freshmen of the Air Force life, and a rookie at Alaskan weather I am a work in progress. I soak up new information on most topics like a desperate sponge. So if you please allow me to ramble, randomly stab at different topics, and as always be madly in love with just about anything.









Header image: Photos8.com

6 thoughts on “A Bit About Me

  1. YAY, so happy to have an Alaska friend! Seriously when I went up to visit I had no idea what I was in for (freezing cold, didn’t have shoes that I could walk in, the sun never coming up!), sooo nice to have another military girlfriend! xoxoxo

  2. Too cute! I just found your blog through Alyssa’s (Life of Blyss) and when she said she lucked out on the cookie swap and got a package from the North Pole I had to look because… I am from the North Pole! (North Pole, Alaska that is!) I just moved away from there this summer but alaska bloggers have a special place in my heart ā™„

    • I’m so glad you commented!! Did you have a bunch of family ask you to send their kids letters or postcards? I have a mission this week to send a postcard to an elementary class. At least I’m useful šŸ™‚ Hope you’re enjoying some warmer and sunnier weather. As always this winter is throwing us for a loop, a 10 day snap of -40s now to freezing rain and above 15F. WEIRD!

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  4. Jenn, is it true that children can write to Santa and that volunteers from your town write back? I read that once and have always wondered. When I saw that you live in North Pole, Alaska, I had to ask! Feel free to email me: stephmodo@gmail.com. Thank you so much! And congratulations on your fairly recent marriage. So exciting!

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