My Go-To Breakfast

Eat Breakfast. This is something that comes from all angles when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss tips. Some people aren’t into breakfast and it seems like a punishment to HAVE to eat breakfast. But stay with me, maybe you can become a breakfast eater even if its not your favorite meal…

I love breakfast though. I love cereal. I can eat probably 1/3 of a box without blinking. The worst thing is I love the worst kinds of cereal. The most unhealthy cereals that you can find. Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Yum. Lucky Charms? Don’t mind if I do. Fruit Loops? Delicious.

However when I know I need to get on track, eat better, and be conscious of what I’m stuffing my face with, the first thing I do is re-evaluate my breakfast. This breakfast works for me. There are tons of options that every fitness/trainer/dietician will promote so look around.

What it is:

I take ONE shredded wheat biscuit + a container of fat free yogurt + fresh raspberries/blueberries + a splash of milk

The shredded wheat needs that splash of milk so that it can be broken up in the bowl. It also helps thin out the yogurt a little bit which visually makes it look like more. Mental tricks to make it look like its more food is a weapon. USE IT!

This breakfast clocks in right around 230 calories and it honestly helps me stay fuller for longer. The shredded wheat plays a big role in that. Fist pump to fiber! Again, I really like this breakfast, and the biggest reason is that these are easy things to buy. Yogurt easy. Milk, duh. Shredded wheat biscuits, no prob. (I can always find these at Safeway). I’m not much of an oatmeal girl and I can’t get my act together to make eggs in the morning, so this is what fits for my day.

Do you have a favorite get on track meal? Something that helps you get focused on eating better again?