Final Rose

I, Jennifer, have an addiction to The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. I watch every week as someone “leaves broken-hearted”. I can’t help myself, I am deeply involved in the drama of finding their one true love.

Don’t judge me! I “know” it’s not all real, that scenes are set up, and their kisses aren’t natural.

But still it’s humorous and entertaining. It’s like watching a frat house fight over one girl… That concept clearly stamps “watch this ridiculously over-the-top reality show”.

I do as they say.

Tonight is, as Chris Harrison would say, is the final rose. Who will she choose? Who will leave devastated?!? Oh the drama.

Please allow me to introduce you to the Final Fellows:


Ben F.

Or as a fellow blogger calls , “Cave Groban”. This shaggy haired, Josh Groban doppelgänger, wine making man has won Ashley over with his gentle, sensitive nature. Laid back and sweet he has slowly come out of his shell and I’ve liked him more each episode.

Funniest Moment: Hearing the voice he uses for his dog, which sounds like a smurf
Biggest Turn Off: The stringy long hair… It just needs to be cut. Desperately
Cute Quality: His relationship with his family, obviously a strong and protective relationship with his mom and sister
Reason They Could Last: They both are equally quirky and it’s a believable relationship in that you can see their growing comfort level with each other.


The guy that everyone liked from the start has made it to the final episode. He’s been pretty adorable with his nice smile, gentlemanly ways, and obvious crush on Ashley. He’s been pretty honest about how much he cares about Ashley from the get go… It’s endearing and sweet and you’re cheering for him cause he’s talked numerous times about a horribly bad break up from his last relationship.
Funniest Moment: Some of his kisses with Ashley make me laugh. It’s like he’s to nervous to actually go for it. Some of them are like bad junior high kisses,  he’s unsure of how to do it.
Biggest Turn Off: he’s been a little jealous Joe on the show. Could spell trouble for the post show tabloid bananza.
Cute Quality: Protectiveness. J.P. has put up with Ashley’s whines about other guys, and guys showing up after they’ve been kicked off and generally is most concerned with how she is. He’s always supportive and has been a good guy for when she’s needed a shoulder to cry on.
Reason They Could Last: The whole season they’ve seemed most at ease when they’re together. I feel like I can see them being home bodies together, watching movies and ordering take-out.

Yes I’m pathetic and analyze this show like a nerd! I’ve watched it since I was in junior high! Everybody has a guilty pleasure and this is mine!

So tonight I’ll be watching, glued to the drama… Switching back and forth about who I think will win. I’ll ignore phone calls and ask for quiet unless it’s a commercial. God help me, I’m addicted to this shallow vapid show!!

Who do you think will win?
Do you have a bad TV show addiction?