Pick Me A Project

I’m a little bit of a rut. I’ve enjoyed my summer of working out, hanging out, yard work (enjoyed is stretching the truth) and exploring a bit more of Alaska.

I’m still on the job hunt. Desperately searching for something marketing or business oriented. So in the mean time I need to stay busy.

Fall is looming. And when fall rolls into Alaska, that means the cold is biting at its heals.

SO to ward off dread, to get my butt in gear, and to do something fun, I want you all to pick a project for me. They vary from cooking, painting, or crafting. You all hold my abilities in your hand. Challenge me!


Since I live in North Pole:

Because I think I want to be an owl for Halloween:

Because my mouth waters looking at these:

Oven Roasted Blueberry Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Something for my master bedroom:

Because I love s’mores:

Because I love ladybugs 🙂

Or your last option is for a friend’s nursery:

I will obviously take plenty of pictures and put the final product up for you all to evaluate and judge. I can’t promise it will be perfect but I think they’re all pretty good options!

So take a second, evaluate your options, and vote! Pick me a project please 🙂

I’ll leave voting open until FRIDAY! Then I’ll announce the winner and get to it!


Etsy Sensation

Etsy is intense. There thousands of amazingly awesome things. But its intense. Etsy is my version of a crazy day shopping at stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. There is so much stuff its overwhelming and you have no idea where to start. But I love fun things, I love weird things that only random people have the time and patience to create. I appreciate all the Etsy talents, and I especially appreciate that generally these little finds are at good price. I got a bracelet for $16, custom made. That’s a legitimate business transaction. So for all of those people who struggle rooting through the racks, desperately trying to find the golden tickets, here are a few finds:

   The Missing Your Wings Ring

I actually had this ring made into a bracelet but I think the ring is really sweet too. micerv84’s shop has tons of her creations but she will also work with you if you have any ideas. She was even kind enough to send it all the way here to Alaska. I love my bracelet and was very happy working with this Etsy seller.

          I love melted wine bottles. One of my college friends gave me a flattened Ladybug Pinot Grigio bottle and I was in love. This shop, CastAway Glass, makes tons of things with glass… obviously I like the wine bottles 🙂 You can find different versions that can be cheese platters, dishes or even to just hang on your wall. For any wine drinkers, I think they look lovely next to wine racks (a good hostess gift)!

I think these things are pure genius. While I love to paint and have occasionally tried my hand at canvas paintings, I think I’d have a minor panic attack painting a mural on a wall. Enter wall decals. There are tons of designs on Etsy but I like this one, especially the color combos they chose to go with it. Cute for a little girl’s room right?

They also have the very random and helpful ideas for costumes. Yes even in June I am considering what I’ll be for Halloween. Currently I am thinking about being an owl. Last year I was a duck, so why not continue the bird theme. And what do ya know? Etsy has some owl love going on.

And of course what kind of girl would I be if I didn’t mention the warehouse supply of purses, clutches, and totes. Every color, style, cut, and fabric. I would go for a little clutch/wallet that can fit all my essentials but still go right into my regular purse. Seriously how do you MAKE a clutch? Way to difficult for me.

Final Etsy shout out is for BrandNoonan. There is literally the most amount of baby stuff I’ve ever seen on Etsy. It would be a job in itself to go through the thousands of baby items. Sure you can find a hat, a hair bow, or little socks but this store has some seriously personalized items that will make most mom’s tear up. You can have all the personal details of any new baby put onto an announcement poster. In a world full of clothes and baby toys, these posters are very modern and sleek. My suggestion, take a look. As my first year that included baby showers, these things have gone over like gang busters. BrandNoonan has got some serious talent.

So there are a few finds… dive in, see what you see. I think I end up window shopping a lot but this is a great place to think of gift ideas and thoughtful presents.