Sister Act

I have something exciting to announce.

My lovely, awesome, gorgeous, and much more literate sister, Elyse will be joining Tadwell!

First things first… Yes we are related. No we do not look alike. Maybe a glimmer here and there. But the general consensus is at best we look like cousins.

Thankfully even though she got the cute nose, we do share some of the best qualities.

First we are both sarcastic. It runs thick in our blood. This fact alone bonds us for life.

Secondly we both love us some food.

We both love finding new recipes, scouting out fun restaurants, and most of all getting our hands on great desserts.

Finally my older sister is a genius. I say this as begrudgingly as I can, but also with a lot of pride. Elyse is one of those natural smarty pants that is made to get 4.0s. It was entirely irritating in high school. But she’s not the snobby valedictorian type. She’s patient and caring with her higher level thinking. She even taught my how to write in cursive in first grade(this was totally ahead of the 2nd graders! Suckers).

So I hope you all enjoy some book reviews, daily life stories, but mostly that you get to know my big sister. She will hopefully be up and running with us next week!

And be nice… I was known to pick fights with anyone that wronged my big sister!!! 🙂