That sounds gross right? Well I have a craving…. a jonesing…. an itch that desperately needs to be scratched.

I need a trip to Vegas. I need a GIRLS trip to Vegas.

I NEED IT!! I’m obsessively thinking about the shows, the cushy hotel rooms, the wonderful black out shades that allow you to sleep in to whatever hour suits your fancy. The buffets. The Shopping… UGHHHH I could go on forever. I need to go to Vegas.

My first trip to Vegas was with my seester. I had just survived rush with my sorority, turned 21, and was in dire need of some fun. I hopped a plane and met my sister in Vegas for a show, some clubs, and a taste of The Strip. I loved this Vegas trip because it wasn’t overwhelming. There was no 5am out clubbing nights. No monster hangover. Just a nice classy trip hanging out with my older sister and exploring. We wandered the whole strip, went in and out of every casino and went to see a show. I HIGHLY recommend Cirque de Soleil’s “O”. It is awesome. Seriously amazing. While we didn’t splurge on any fancy dinners we did decided to drop a few dollars on a high brow dessert and drink. This place is fancy. They have a dress code. They book out for reservations. And their dessert is ridiculous. Mouth watering amazing sexy scrumptious dessert. I believe that I had a strawberry souffle and a crazy good dessert champagne. This was a serious treat and I highly recommend doing it.

My second trip to Vegas was a one night stand. One night in Vegas and we made it count. My roommates and I were road-tripping out to CA and, well, Vegas conveniently is on the way. The quick and dirty of this trip is that I decided we needed to go to Chip ‘n Dales. I can say this was both a horrible decision and one of the best most hilarious things I’ve done. In short, we had a few pre-show cocktails, I got pulled on stage, was privileged enough to take a picture with all the shirtless (gay) shaved men, and then the three of us pranced off to dance our little feet off. I woke up the next morning feeling the fun I’d had last night. The piece of advice I can offer here is, if you go to Chip ‘n Dales, please have a few… if you don’t you will feel incredibly awkward. If you do, your sense of humor will aid you in what will be the most hilarious 1.5hrs of your life. Enjoy.

The last girl’s trip I had was with my lovely and gorgeous friend D. It was a dance fest. We are partners in crime like that. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which out of the three trips was about a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Great pool though. I’ve also stayed on The Hard Rock, which has a great pool, but the Monte Carlo has a pretty good lazy river going on. Plus they are on the Strip which earns points in my book. We hit XS, Tryst, TAO, and probably a few others.

Now why am I rambling on about my Vegas trips? Because I want to GO. I want to go sometime in September. I want all my friends and all their friends and all their friends friends to go. I want to issue a challenge. Come to Vegas in September. Shoot me a comment, an email, call me… whatever! I just want to go and I want my lovely gorgeous friends to come too. Make it happen. It will be fun. We will dance. And eat at buffets. And lay at pools. Come on who’s with me???!!