Nerd Out

Everyone wants to claim their a nerd. A dork. How committed are you to the cause of dork-dom? There are many different kinds of dorks… school dorks, video game dorks, action figure dorks, book dorks.

I’m what you call an everyday dork. I love Harry Potter. I love Disney Scene It. I like doing crafts. And I love computers.

Tonight I will join my fellow dorks, we will unite with one common goal. One common interest that will drive me and many others to congregate at the local movie theater before midnight. We will wait impatiently. Glare at each other, evaluating our position for the best seats, and by all means avoiding whoever looks like a talker (NO TALKING in movies!!!). And then like the running of the bulls, except nerd style, where we’re all to dorky to actually get aggressive… we’ll speed walk to our theater, scrambling for the prime viewing seats.


Ladies and Gentlemen… Its Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.