Sore Sally

I am sore. My arms, legs, butt, and abs are straight up begging for me to stop moving.

Yesterday was boot camp class, and while I went into it with my usual written down class plan, I apparently had other ideas. Whoo it was a doozy. My class was amazing though. They were true troopers.

Don't worry I don't yell like this...

Here is how we kicked some major butt and made our muscles burn:

I had 12 people in my class so everyone paired up. We were out in the field house that has an indoor football field (smaller size) and some good wall space. The deal was that each set of partners would alternate between wall sits and running a lap. Hang tough for about a minute and then your partner tags you to switch to running. Its kind of fun if you have a friend there that you can mess with 🙂 i.e. take a little bit longer to run your lap so that their wall sit is a smidge longer.. all in good fun right?

From there we were on the field in a lunge marathon. The class was split into two teams and they went relay style. While one person did basketball shuffles down and back on the field, the rest of the team was in the end zone lunging it out. That means that through 6 team members you’ll do lunges every time but once… My hamstrings are cringing thinking of it 🙂

Why am I telling you this? Because this can easily be done with a buddy at the gym… You’ll get your quads, hamstrings, gluts, inner and outer thighs blasted fast. Believe me those shuffles are nothing to scoff at, they had my whole class huffing puffing.

Try adding this lower body work out and tell me if you are as sore as I am!


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