A Quickie

Have you heard the saying that “Someone Busier Than You Is On A Run”?

I know it’s the easiest thing to make excuses for, but finding time to work out can sometimes feel like just another item to check off your to do list. The thing is that once it becomes part of your daily routine there is not as much room for excuses.

Believe me I know the tricks of how to talk myself out of hitting the gym. And sometimes my day is honestly too packed.. BUT I have a solid commitment to make it 5 days a week. That leaves 2 days of wiggle room.

I usually use the week days as consistent workout days, but if one day is too busy then I can shift it easily to the weekend. I also convince myself that if an afternoon is hectic but the early morning is available.. I gotta suck it up and go. Yup, out of bed, gym clothes on.. Time to get my sweat on!!

My top things that encourage me to go to the gym are:

1) Put on my workout clothes before I even try to make excuses. This way even if I only have 20 minutes I can do some quick exercises at home, and not have the excuses of driving somewhere!

2) Unless I’m sick, going to the gym is something I rarely regret. It’s important to listen to your body and relax on days you need some R&R, but otherwise the gym is quality YOU time. I always leave feeling accomplished.

3) I try not to think of workouts as a cause-effect equation. Just BECAUSE I ate ice cream or had a big dinner doesn’t mean I HAVE to go to the gym. I go to the gym because it makes me feel good, strong, and healthy. I go to clear my head and to pump some endorphins around my bod. Working out should not be a punishment!

If I’m headed out-of-town, have only a little time to spare or driving to the gym seems a little to hard here is a circuit that will boost my heart rate, get a little sweat going and requires zero equipment.

Warm Up: 1min per exercise
Jumping Jacks
High Knee Runs
Jump Rope
Walking Lunges

Bunny Hop Squat Jumps
Side Lunges
Plank Rotations
Russia Twist Abs
Mountain Climbers
30s Rest
Jump Rope
Sumo Squats
Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
Superman Raises
Side Plank (ea. side 30s)

Cool Down:
Jog in Place
Stretch out

The more time you have, the more you can repeat! Mountain climbers are the tough guys to really boost your heart rate. If you can keep transition time to a minimum you’ll blast more calories too.

Pat yourself on the back for getting workouts in where you can! Reward yourself with a workout instead of sitting on the couch! Sad but true, you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. Get your butt moving 🙂


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