99 Problems

Not really.. I have very few problems.. that’s not true either. But I don’t have 99. 🙂

But I do have a killer 99 style work out. Its a descending-butt-kicking-hell of a work out.

It’s awesome. There are LOTS of squats. So if your booty needs to get blasted, here it is!

99s Jumping Jacks
99 Regular crunches
99s Wall Sit
99 Leg lifts

9 Push-ups

88s Mountain Climbers
88 oblique crunches (44 each side)
88 Squats (holding dumbbell in middle of your squat)
88 Bicep Curls (if you start to wear down, switch to alternating)
8 Push-ups

77s Skiers
77 Leg throw crunches
77s Wall Sit
77 Bent Rows

7 Push-ups

66s High Knees
66 Bicycle Crunches
66 Squats with weight
66 Tricep Presses
6 Push-ups

Water Break.. Only for a min! Keep your heart rate up, and stay moving!

55s Jumping Jacks
55 Regular Crunches
55s Wall Sit
55 Leg Lifts
5 Push Ups

44s Mountain Climber
44 oblique Crunches (22ea. side)
44 Walking Lunges
44 Bicep Curls
4 Push Ups

33s Skiers
33 Leg Throw Crunches
33s Wall Sit
33 Bent Rows
3 Push Ups

22s High Knees
22 Bicycle Crunches
22 Squats with weight
22 Tricep Presses
2 Push Ups

Finish it with 1 Minute of Plank!

Burn through this workout and you’ll have done some serious squat time 🙂 I felt this workout for about the last 3 days. Worth it!!


5 thoughts on “99 Problems

    • The whole workout with the break took exactly an hour… If you only have 30mins do the 99-55 sets and you’ll still hit everything enough to get a tough workout!

      I miss running with you Britton!

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