Weekly Breakdown

Weekly breakdown:

20120210-000928.jpgTrevor did indeed hit the road… After a failed attempt on Tuesday, good-bye round 2 sent him on his merry way. He is currently in a tropical climate where the poor guy is “hot and sweaty”…. I don’t remember what that feeling is like, so instead of sympathizing, I told him to suck it up 🙂

2. I saw My Week With Marilyn last night. It is FANTASTIC. Please allow me to use every cliché movie critic term. It was enchanting-evocative-enduring… And many other “e” words. Michelle Williams was spectacular. She would walk on-screen and it was like the theater had to pause and really take Marilyn in. Seriously well done and beautiful movie. Two thumbs up.

3. Before said movie I had two friends over for dinner. I managed to hit, no wait, slam myself in the head while opening a wine bottle. I hadn’t even had a drop of alcohol yet and I was already on high alert for embarrassing actions while drinking…. Or in this case while simply holding it. Poor forehead.
20120210-001017.jpg4. I’ve been hanging out with this little Doodle this week. While his mama is at work, I’ve snagged him for a few walks 😉 hey, it’s been above zero for a week!! If I don’t take advantage of this heat wave and get outside I will definitely regret it

5. A heat wave in Alaska in February is anything above zero. It got up to 36 and windows were down, coats were off and there were crazy thoughts running through my mind… Like “well this is shave your legs weather!!”. Crazy I tell ya!

6. Finally, I’m making a Love mix for my spin class next week. Because who doesn’t want to spend Valentine’s day getting sweaty and hopped up on endorphins…. Oh there’s other ways to do that? Mmm.

Hope you had a great week! Get ready for Valentine’s day! Don’t be a hater, you get to drink red wine and eat chocolate… there is nothing bad about that!