Golden Ticket

Guys, big news.


The Boswells are getting a puppy!! A Golden Retriever to be specific. I’m pretty much a Mountain Dew can that has been shook 4 million times… that’s how excited I am. Sugar high, and carbonation on crack over here.

We’re in the initial stages of breeder research, and are hoping to find one in Alaska. I can’t imagine how expressive it would be to find a puppy in the Lower 48, fly down, pick him up, only to fly home again. Both costly and the poor little guy probably would have a rough ride. It takes anywhere from 12 to +18hrs to get home sometimes.

I’m already in love…

Reasons we want a Golden:

We love big dogs. Little dogs just don’t do it for me. I want a full body cuddle with my dog, and to feel protected.

Golden’s have high energy and if you know me at all, this is kinda mandatory. I could wear out a 6-year-old. Plus then I have a good running buddy!

Trevor and I don’t mind shedding. We have both grown up and owned dogs that shed like it’s their job. Hence why we purchased the Animal Dyson.

The friendly factor. Our dog will obviously be with us for many, many years and will be part of our family. I have never, not once, heard of a family having problems with their Golden and kids. It would be my worst nightmare to have a dog/baby issue.

They are adorable, trainable, smart, and kind dogs. Case and point, they are guide dogs. There, you can’t argue with leading the blind, injured, or needy.

Look at that face! Is just screams “Take me home, I’ll love you and you’ll love me!!”

All this being said, does anybody have any advice on finding a good breeder? Good or bad experience with using a breeder? Puppy stories are welcome!

I can’t wait to have a little furball again. Beemer was so great and I just need a buddy back ASAP! If we find the right breeder we’re hoping for early/late spring!



5 thoughts on “Golden Ticket

  1. I grew up with Goldens! They are far superior to all other dogs (except of course my Basset Hound). Good luck in finding the perfect breeder! It is a pain (a $500 a plane ticket pain) to move your pup around the country, so finding a local breeder would be tops!

    • We’ve found a few up here in AK, but we definitely want to be picky! We’re starting to email different ones, and get a feel for the environment. Who knew there was so much that goes into picking were you get a dog!

  2. Goldens are amazing! I have raised a couple of them from puppy age (8 weeks). The first two years are probably the most challenging. In addition to high energy, selective hearing, overly friendly to everyone they see — they love to chew just about anything. So make sure to give them lots of chew toys and sticks. And if you like your shoes, do not leave them out. Other than that, they are extremely intelligent, very easy to train and loves to cuddle — just don’t expect them to be too much of a protector. I always tell people they are more likely to lick you to death than bite. 🙂
    Here is a picture of Maximus. He is amazing! He understands over 50 commands and will even bring me my slippers.

    Good luck on your search.

    • I think the thing I’m most nervous about will be next winter! Definitely can’t skip out on walks just because it’s cold with big dogs… But then again it’s a good way to get motivation to bundle up and get outside! Thanks for the shoe warning! I’ll be sure to keep my kicks stowed!

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