Fireburning Spin

I’m really cranking it up a notch in anticipation of my Hawaiian holiday that is only a short distance away. That means that I’ve dug into my Nike Training App, downloaded a Jillian Michael’s DVD, and am seriously stacking my spin and boot camp classes.
Between Tony Horton and Jillian Michael’s… I now have their “catch phrases” on repeat in my mind.

GET SOME. BRING IT. This is EXTREME… I want to bounce a QUARTER off your BUTT.
Do I need to go to a class on how to yell weird things at my class?

I definitely like a motivational boost, but some of the phrases just make me laugh in the middle of an exercise, which apparently isn’t “extreme”. 🙂

I hope you have fun with this spin list though. My goal for the class is for everyone to keep their recovery/rest to a minimum. Do what is safe for your fitness level and health. I want people to get out of their comfort zones and get less recovery but work just as hard.

So here ya go!

Warm Up:
Dynamite (3:24)
Fireburning (4:03)

Work out
I Like the Way You Move – Outkast (3:56) Jumps/Climb: 4 counts jumps, climb from :47-1:17, 1:48-2:18, and 2:49-3:35
Only Girl in the World (3:55) Sprints and Hovers
Hover: :45-1:15 Sprint: 1:16-1:30 Hover: 2:02-2:17 Sprint: 2:17-2:32 JOG Sprint: 3:04-3:48
Walk this Way (5:18) Circuit: Climb, adding resistance every other position. Seated, Standing, Position 3 Climb, Hover
Gonna Make You Sweat (4:07) Intervals: 10s on-10s off 20s on-10s off 30s on-10s off 40s on-10s off (then back down the latter til the end)
Pump Up the Jam (5:18) Rolling Hills, build a hill for 45s, then take a quarter turn off for 15s, build again for 45s, take half turn off for 15, etc
Mr. Saxobeat (3:12) Cadence. Active recovery, and then pick a fast pace to hold for 2mins. Adding a small amount at 1min in.
Big Fat Bass (4:43) Circuit climb. Seated, Standing, Position 3 for 20s each and add tension after each full circuit
Rumour Has It (3:43) Seated/Standing Climb. Add tension, stand and push your pace on the chorus.
Hey Baby – Pit Bull (3:56) Jumps, 4 counts on versus, 2 count on chorus
My Life Would Suck Without You (3:31) Sprints 30/30/50
:40-1:08, 1:35-2:02, 2:32-3:22
Blow – Ke$ha (3:40) Sprints and Hovers
Hover: :44-1:00 Sprint: 1:00-1:16
Hover: 1:48-2:04 Sprint: 2:04-2:20
Hover: 2:44-3:00 Sprint: 3:00-3:30

Cool Down
You Make My Dreams Come True (3:07)
Virtual Insanity (3:45)

Are you kicking it up a gear getting ready for the holidays? Do you have a holiday vacation that is motivating you?

I don’t think I could ask for better motivation than Hawaii. A blissful escape from Alaska’s darkest month, and beach time? Yup, I’m ready!


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