Highs and Lows

If anyone is looking for an easy profession that you have little accountability, I suggest you become a weatherman (weather person) for the Interior of Alaska.

Job Description: Ballpark guess what the weather could be for the day. Odds are in your favor if you use the words “cold”, “freezing”, or the lovely phenomenon that is “ice fog”.

Once you have given the masses a broad idea of what the day will bring you can really narrow things down by giving a wide range of temperature options.

For example:
Today will be freezing cold, cloudy with a chance of sucking your soul out. Expect highs to be between -10-12 degrees (yes -10 can be a high) and lows of -40- -20.

See how that narrows things down?? Twenty degree differences and these guys are sitting pretty! I think anyone that is looking for a career move should capitalize on this amazing opportunity!

So if you guys can’t tell by my subtle sarcasm; chilly weather arrived over a month ago, winter arrived weeks ago, and their good friend Bitter Cold moved in this week.

This picture was taken at 10:20am, just to be clear.

Heading into daylight savings, we are currently clocking in with these hours of “sun”…. sort of 🙂

It’s mandatory to set an alarm in the morning to get up. Without even a hint of the sun coming up, I need an auditory signal to get my butt moving.

Plus this little guy needs to get out…

Beemer is rocking the booties and very stylish green coat now. The booties were busted out when we got snow awhile ago, because otherwise it mats to his curly Q’s and it’s just easier to put on his shoes. The coat is more mandatory when it’s below zero or so.

My outfits have also been ramped up… From earlier this week…

This little ditty was when it was about 5 degrees.

And then this morning, when it was a snowball to the face -18.
Here’s another way to gauge things: Eye Lash Icicles:

Still above zero vs. well below….

I also discovered that if you have mascara on and have to walk the dog, it won’t freeze in an awesome make-up artist kind of way. Instead it will look like you were a crying mess on your morning promenade….

Thankfully Beemer can’t judge me though, because at the end of his walk he has snow barnacles 🙂

But tomorrow is Friday and who knows… maybe tomorrow it will be warm (all above zero temps!).

I’ll be back with a spin playlist for you tomorrow! Sleep Well!


2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. OMG it is literally freezing there!! Love that Beemer has booties and a coat… too cute! And great tip re: mascara… never would have thought of that (especially not at the crack of dawn taking the pup out)

  2. Wow! We are talking about *trying* to get Alaska next… from Hawaii right now. I’m not sure though if my body (or my dogs body) could handle such a drastic temperature change like that. Hang in there!

    Also, love the dogs snow barnacles! Too cute!

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