Bright Lights Big City

The real thing about “going out” of town when you live in North Pole, is that you get to go back into civilization. You know, places that have Target, a drug store, Starbucks… that stuff. Seriously.

We don’t even have a stand alone Starbucks. We have the weenie, dinky little ones that are in super markets. I do not want to hang out in a super market/Starbucks. It’s just not the same.

So while in Seattle, we used our one night to really hit the town. I Googled some top restaurants in the city and ended up picking High Knee Stocking Co.

Yes that picture is just of the door. Even only supplied this little snippet. This bar/restaurant is classified as a “Speak Easy”. So kick back into the 1920-1930s and think prohibition. Hence the “hidden” look of the bar. You have to ring the door bell to be ushered in.

They have a crazy list of cocktails.. every kind of alcohol and a lovely list of creative drinks. I tried this…

grapes & grains

The Moscow Mule
Vodka, lime, and ginger beer. Perhaps the second most deceptive drink ever invented?

and Trevor went with this beverage…

The Stork
Plymouth gin, Orange Curacao, OJ, lime, and

We mainly went with appetizers and filled up easily on baked stuffed mushrooms, Knee High tots, and goat cheese empanadas.

We skipped out on dessert though, so that we could be late night tourists.

The Seattle Space Needle! I didn’t rock a fanny pack, nor did I have on dark socks with sandals, but man do I love being a tourist 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy dorking out and getting pictures of the famed landmarks 🙂

Fun fact is that if you want to go to the observation deck you can either pay $18 per person (military discount) oorrr you can go up to the restaurant, and pay a minimum of $35 dollars and then get the observation deck included.

* sorry this picture is dark, I didn’t want to bug the fellow diners 🙂

My preference is to include dessert and wine in any tourist experience, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. The restaurant even rotates (slowly) so that you get a 360 degree view of the Emerald City.

After an amazing molten chocolate cake, we headed up to check out the view. It was really nice to see all the city lights and feel like we were out on an adventure.

But alas, we were still slightly lame and called it a night after the Needle. I had big dreams of going out for a late night of dancing and fun… but what can I say? My pajamas, a bed, and cuddling usually wins.

Sunday we squeezed a little more activity into the few hours we had left by heading to downtown Seattle ASAP. First up was Pike Place Market.

We dined on some donuts, which turned out to be the “wrong” donuts. They were still delicious and packed with the sugary goodness that donuts need, but the renowned ones are actually from Daylight Donuts. Fail. Oh well!

My only souvenir was from Pappardelle. I snagged some Roasted Red Pepper fettuccine, Lemon Garlic Orzo, and Basil Oregano fettuccine. Yummy. Plus they sent us home with their recipes. Bonnnuussss!

Awesome trip, fabulous time exploring, and definitely looking forward to another trip back. They had so many great restaurants, I can only hope to enjoy a few more 🙂


One thought on “Bright Lights Big City

  1. Hi there, I’m the strange person that sat across the aisle from you and your husband in the Restaurant at the Space Needle in Seattle. I’ve added you to my blog list, another person to keep track of – yeah :-O

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