Just call me E.Tad

One week ago, a coworker asked if I was free to do a favor for her friend. The favor? Her friend needed a last minute wedding coordinator.

My entire knowledge base for wedding planning at that point came from the J.Lo movie The Wedding Planner (get it? J.Lo. E.Tad. I am that lame). So I pictured getting to swoop around telling people what to do while I look calm, cool, collected, and completely in control. Also multiple men would fall in love with me while I swooped. Naturally I said yes.

While I don’t know how calm, cool, and collected I looked, I did get to do lots of bossing people around. I also got to light approximately 100 votive candles, fluff the bride’s train, and lurk creepily in the background at one of the most important days in two people’s lives. And I was super fortunate with the bride and groom –  two of the nicest people I have ever met. They just wanted everyone to have a good time, and they wanted to be able to enjoy spending the day with their families and friends. They were so nice to work with, and they didn’t mind at all when I couldn’t get their centerpieces to work (I failed at creating their pumpkin and floating candle tablescapes. Pumpkins float, y’all. They will not stay submerged.)

It was honestly one of the most fun days ever. Even if I didn’t end up with Matthew McConaughey and Justin Chambers proposing to me at a courthouse. At least I got to take this GIANT flower arrangement home.


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