On Friday, I experienced a magical event known as Truckeroo.

Food trucks are a big thing at the moment in DC (and elsewhere too – anyone have favorites where they are?). If food trucks haven’t rolled into your town yet, they’re, well, trucks that sell delicious food. So maybe that didn’t need an explanation.

Anyway, there are TONS in DC right now, and they have every kind of food imaginable. There are cupcake trucks, taco trucks, mac & cheese trucks, popsicle trucks… Most of the time, they drive around the city, stopping in different locations every day. But on one special day each month, dozens of trucks gather in one place. And that is Truckeroo.

One of my coworkers mentioned the event, which turned into a mass staff field trip. We wandered around for a solid 20 minutes just checking out the available options, and agonizing over what to eat. I ended up with a pulled pork sandwich from PORC (delicious), followed by the single greatest dessert I’ve ever had: a Sinwich from the Sinplicity Sinmobile.

What’s a sinwich, you ask? It featured a giant macaron, with ice cream and fudge sauce sandwiched in between. As if the sugar isn’t nutritionally sinful enough, all their ice cream treats involve liquor (kahlua soaked brownies, rum ice cream) or caffeine. My sinwich, for example, was made of mocha macarons, espresso crunch ice cream, and fudge sauce. It might have been the happiest Friday of my life.

If you’re ever in DC, check out our food trucks or if you’re lucky, make it to Truckeroo. You can find out more here.


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