While in Colorado I have:

Attended two football games… One win, one loss. I had a great time at both but the flight to Seattle had plenty of WSU fans. I’m very thankful they didn’t bust out their fight song. I would have gagged.

I did some Christmas idea hunting. To make it easier in my family, we are “pinning” what we’d like for gifts on a designated Christmas board on Pinterest. This makes it a little bit easier to hunt down items. My sister and I already have my mom’s gifts knocked out… Winning!

I got my tan on 🙂 something that I didn’t get to do ALL summer! Colorado was a lovely host and served up two blissful weeks of 80 degree weather. While I didn’t darken significantly, I’ll take any UV attention as I head back to the chilly north.

I did some cooking with my BF. You can check out the recipe and more pics over at Live and Love to Eat. Claire is off on an adventure in Europe, so I had my first opportunity to guest blog 🙂

I even got some spinning in. Check out my soaked hair. I’m hoping to get some new playlists done this week and get my legs going as winter swoops in.

I had a great time seeing my family and friends, hitting football games, happy hours, and being back in my favorite state. But it’s time to head back home…

I’m ready to see this guy…


See ya soon Fairbanks!


2 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Ahem… you also had a deliciously posh dinner & bomb diggity ice cream with me! p.s. can you send me that photo they took of us at the restaurant?

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