Memory Lane

I love pictures. I love having the time machine that is a photo album.

It’s fun to look back at the styles, friends, and places. As I mentioned yesterday, I had a Dorothy Hamel haircut when I was little… and since I’m staying at my parents house while in Colorado, I decided I needed some photographic nostalgia.

Enter my photo album that my mother meticulously compiled prior to my high school graduation.

I hope you enjoy this montage on “Jennifer Through the Ages”

This is me obviously as a baby. I believe I was only a day or two old. I weighed in at 8lbs 3oz. I was born exactly on my due date, and apparently it was not “that bad” of a labor. Your welcome mother šŸ™‚

Below is a taste of my Dorothy Hamel haircut. I apologize for the hat covering the beauty that is my hair but what mother doesn’t love a good photo-shoot? Especially when it involves your daughters dressing up, looking like they’re going to the derby? Or church… Mmm either option works. My sister was obviously more sophisticated, she had a boa. Boas ooze style. Duh.

This may not be a novel concept but in my family there was a mandatory “first day of school” picture. Kids, I have to tell you that while I was never a fan of this growing up (she even made me do one my senior year of high school), I am happy to have these pictures. Most of them I look about as thrilled as a slug, but none-the-less, I enjoy that each year I have documented proof of the grade I was entering. Plus look at my cute hair bows!! Here I am with my Daddio, waiting for the kindergarten bus in Eden Prairie, MN.

Along with the first day of school photos, my mother was religious about Christmas photos. They had to be done in November so that her Christmas cards could go out on time, and it was mandatory to have a clothing theme. This particular year was itchy, lacey, and uncomfortable. Also apparently my sister and I embraced hair accessories…

I would also like to share with you that prior to this picture, in the “getting ready” phase of picture day, my mother burned my forehead with the curling iron. For this reason I do not sport bangs anymore. They are a danger to my forehead and I stand by that.

At least somethings never change though. Here I am on what I can guess is my 7th birthday. To this day I can eat a freak-ish amount of ice cream. I don’t have to be sad, hungry, or even particularly in the mood for ice cream and I can finish an entire container. This became an issue my sophomore year in college, when at the time I thought I was a champion of science because I did not gain the freshmen fifteen. Don’t be fooled, there is something I like to call the sophomore softness that set in. Stupid ice cream. But the joy that it brings me is just the same as this picture.

Bouncing ahead numerous years, hair styles, and a move to Colorado, I thought I owed you all a picture of my “Meg Ryan” style. Added to the equation were my junior high awkwardness, braces, occasional pimples, and well, here you go…

By the following year, my hair grew out (thank God), braces were removed, and I joined the cross-country team….

Nice crotch shot too. Thanks.

High school was a pretty great time. I loved cross-country more than anything and it brought me my best friend. While I can’t imagine getting up for 5:30am runs, or running sprint intervals it was definitely my favorite thing that I participated in.

And of course I couldn’t show you high school pictures without some prom shots right? This picture is from my junior year in high school. I actually asked Casey to be my date. Go me šŸ™‚ It turned out rather humorous though, when he showed up in his powder blue tux, and me in my pink/tangerine dress. We were an Easter egg šŸ™‚

And finally senior year… My senior spring break was spent in Hawaii with a few of my best friends, laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. I snuck a bottle of vodka in my luggage on this trip, and prior to a luau we each had about 1.5 shots. Which turned us into giggling losers. It turns out my mom knew about said bottle, and she was not pleased. Sorry mom, but at least we weren’t in Mexico being completely reckless… Right??

Side note: I have very good-looking friends.

Last one, I promise…. This is my senior year prom. Allie and I spent the whole day getting ready together.. Hair, nails, eating, etc. We went to Martini Bistro in Longmont for dinner,and had a limo as our transportation. While I can’t tell you that my senior year prom was the most magical night, the day with my best friend was. That’s high school for ya, your friends made the memories, not the boys.

So there you have it, an 18 year look back on me. Sorry if I bored you with my photos and corny memories. I couldn’t help myself!!

What are some of your favorite memories from growing up? Any pictures that you can remember almost every detail of?


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