A while back I got bold. I had a moment of courage and decided to really switch things up. I said, “Go big or Go home!”

I’ve been growing my hair out since junior high. Back then I made the horrific decision to cut my hair a la Meg Ryan.

I’m ashamed to admit that butterfly clips were very much a part of my life. If this hair cut on me wasn’t bad enough, I also had braces. I did NOT look good.

So over the years I’ve tried to cultivate the long luscious locks that Pantene advertises. I’m still desperate to have long, thick boob length hair. Yes that is where I measure by.

Sadly I do not have thick hair. I have medium thin-ish hair. No I don’t have bald spots, but my ponytail isn’t exactly struggling to fit in a hair tie.

I accepted my hair for what it is in March and swallowed my dreams of being in hair commercials.

Please excuse the deer in headlights eyes… And the over enthusiastic smile.
I took a leap and apparently it made me look like I was on a massive sugar high.

I liked it. It was fun and different and my hair felt about as thick as it ever will. Trevor even approved! He liked it, he really liked it! (Name that commercial)

However I was not a good hair maintainer and allowed my hair to become a Mom Do…


Yikes! No style, mousy color and just blah all around.

With my hometown stylist that I’ve gone to for almost ten years, I got back into shape…

Some chocolate brown, a few caramel highlights… Badda bing badda boom

Why hair is such a big deal I don’t know. But I spent half an hour before my appointment looking at magazines debating on the future of my hair.

Anybody else oddly protective of their hair? Am I the only one who had a hair embarrassment?

Oh and when I was little my mom made me get a Dorothy Hamill haircut.

At least I can blame that one on her. Thanks mom, my four yr old self is still mortified.


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