Hometown Highlights

As I soak up my Colorado sunshine and meet up with all my favorite people, I also have the utter satisfaction of hitting my top places in Fort Collins.

I moved to Colorado when I was ten years old from Minnesota. Yes, I did have a sweet accent. Occasionally if you’re lucky it still comes out. Don’t ya knooow 🙂 While I did my elementary years elsewhere, Colorado has my heart.

So even though I moved away briefly freshmen year of college, and am taking a brief hiatus, Colorado is home to me. Did you know it is the sunniest state in the US? Suck it California! We don’t get those gross gloomy, smog days like you! We have pure, unadulterated, UV, beautiful sunshine!

And today of course was a glorious September day, basking in the awesome Colorado weather, so I set out to visit some of my favorite places.

1. The Cupboard

I love specialty kitchen stores. They totally speak to my heart. Beautiful plates, glasses, aprons, mixers, cookie cutters… Seriously I love them. The Cupboard is a love of mine, truly because it’s an institution in Old Town Fort Collins. This place has been around for +40yrs. If you are in Fort Collins, need a great gift, inspiration, or want to take a cooking class, please visit this place! You’ll love it too.

2. White Balcony


This store is pure womanly magic. They have beautiful clothing, hats, cards, purses, books, notepads,wallets…. I could go on forever. I went in today and found a green sweater and shirt that I absolutely love. Boutique style shops can be a little pricey and sometimes too quirky for me, but White Balcony is a store I adore.

This water bottle jumped out at me, because of well, the Eskimo, and I thought it was cute and funny. Great for gifts, personal treasures, and gentlemen, you really can’t go wrong here if you’re looking for something for the lady in your life.

3. Big City Burrito

Burrito lovers meet Big City. Big City meet burrito lovers. Yes, I can hear all you Chipotle fanatics, but this restaurant has become a part of me. Literally, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten there. I can thank Big City for keeping any kind of fat/muscle on my body in high school. Chipotle is good… But Big City is unlike any other.

My order: Regular tortilla (in high school I downed a super in less than 10mins, thing of my x-country past), Chicken Mole, lite on the black beans, rice, pico, corn salsa, hit of house hot sauce, sour cream… and the best thing: ask for a side of ranch.

This burrito is life changing. It is impossible to eat it and look attractive. Do not do as I did and go on a date here. It is shameful and unattractive. But delicious none-the-less.

4. Elements Day Spa

If you need a massage I beg you to go to Michelle at Elements. I literally just got one and I feel like a new person. She works on your knots, and tension and leaves you feeling like a melted pat of butter. It’s not painful, or hold your breath while she works out a knot… its bliss. Go. Do it. Now.

5. The Breakfast Club

This is a little gem. Forgive me as I get sentimental. Both my sister and I had our first jobs at The Breakfast Club, and its a wonderful old school place for breakfast. The man who hired me, Shawn, is the general manager there and whenever I get the chance to come in, its like being part of a family.

I worked there every Sunday for about 2.5 years. I was paid $5.75 an hour, and got a $5 credit toward breakfast. In a 14yr old’s mind, I hit the jackpot. My favorite two things to order, to this day: Breakfast Burrito. It’s a monster smothered in green chili. My mouth is watering right now. Just trust me on this, no place does it better. Secondly, french toast. There is something about the BC french toast. Its perfect, sweet, and dusted in powdered sugar. How can you go wrong??

I have many other places that I need to go to, but these are my favorites. I also want to write a favorite list for Boulder because I spent the better part of 4 years there. But I hope if you head to Fort Collins you enjoy some of my favorite haunts 🙂

Hope you all are having a great start to your week!


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