I have now been married for a year and one day.

Thank you, thank you…. I appreciate the round of applause 🙂

In my infinite wisdom as a married woman I wanted to share some year one stories.

Our wedding was wonderful and perfect…

I think the only hitch that people could see was this..

We were trying to light my parents 37 year old unity candle. Things didn’t exactly go well… The wick was resistant to light and we ended up faking it 🙂 As you can tell by my face I was thrilled.

Married life for us has involved a lot of traveling, at least for year one. Post wedding we headed out to St. Lucia for a Sandals honeymoon.

While I found it rather amusing to count the number of women with french manicures as we neared our destination, we quickly realized we were not the only newlyweds. The resort was beautiful, and the all you can eat/drink offerings were delicious. (Side note: if you ever go to a Sandals resort please enjoy a Dirty Banana. It’s a cocktail and its life-changing).

Sandals also did a fabulous job of treating each couple like we were the only honeymooners. While we couldn’t drop the line “We just got married” or “We’re on our honeymoon” and expect an upgrade, Sandals handed each couple nice perks that still make us feel special (i.e. massages, champagne, cheesy desserts that have “love” written in chocolate).

Plus it was actually nice to be at a resort surrounded by people who are there to solely spend time with their spouse. No kids, no drunk college kids, and everyone making googly eyes at their new bride/groom.

From the honeymoon we went over to glamorous Korea for Trevor to get back into the swing of work.

Please enjoy my husband’s creeper stache… Mustaches are apparently a “must” when you’re overseas. As a newlywed I found this both disappointing and revolting. I found this was the first instance that as a wife I was able to use sex as a weapon. Don’t be fooled, you will do it too. Lesson one learned.

From Korea, it was time to head back to the US to our new homestead. Yes, North Pole, Alaska.Not only were we newlyweds but new home-owners; which in itself is a learning experience.

Living with my husband has been comedic, frustrating, awesome, and comforting. After a year apart dating, it’s obviously an opposite side of the spectrum to live together.

I’ve learned things, like Trevor grinds his teeth in his sleep. This factor has now gifted us with the blessing of a mouth guard. I can’t tell you the sex appeal it offers. My favorite part is his retainer style lisp 🙂

Shockingly I’m not without quirks and habits that Trevor had not discovered prior to marriage. For example, my jaw pops, particularly when I eat cereal. This has become one of Trevor’s pet peeves. I have received more death stares in the morning than I care to count. Honey, I apologize. Blame it on my orthodontist that insisted on making me wear rubber bands. I hated him for it too.

We’ve landscaped a yard, foster cared for a dog, met new friends, settled into a new state, and soaked up time together. It was an interesting year, that’s for sure.

I know it wasn’t the easiest year on either of us. So many things to learn, to juggle, and to compromise on, but we did well. I may have talked Trevor’s face off a few times, and he may have tuned me out on numerous occasions.

Bottom line, year one was a success. I love my husband with all my heart and am happy to move on to year two together. I know a few things lie ahead, like hosting our second Thanksgiving and a family trip to Hawaii, but I know we’ll also be handed some surprises.

Looking forward to new and exciting adventures 🙂


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