Ruby slippers

I woke up at 4:06am today. Two bags were packed… Both meeting the requirements to be carry on.

I carefully applied my mascara so as not to scare the TSA agents. Then my lovely husband drove me to the airport before the sun was up.

Which FYI is already getting later and later…

This may not look too abnormal to those in the Lower 48 but to Alaska residents it’s a growing reminder that our precious daylight is slipping away.

It actually has/will take me the better part of the day to even fly out of the gigantic state. I have a doozy of an itinerary…
6am-6:54 Fairbanks to Anchorage
8:00-9:30 Anchorage to Juneau
1:30-4:30 Juneau to Seattle
5:30-9:40 Seattle to Denver

Yikes huh?

So here I am killing time on my +4hr layover in Juneau.

So I took a nap. Yes on the floor. My lovely travel pack from a UNITED flight long ago provided my neck pillow and eye cover. I looked like a dead body.

Knowing I had to be up at 4am, and would be traveling for around 15hrs today, I made a plan.

1. Nap whenever possible. Yes my mouth hangs open on the plane and no I don’t care.

2. Always check in early and snatch up an aisle or window seat ASAP. Everybody knows middle seats are for weenies.

3. Always bring snacks. I also packed two tortilla pb&j’s, plus my water bottle. Tiny snack packs on the flights are a joke and paying $8.50 for a bag a trail mix is bonkers. Not to mention this itty bitty airport in Juneau only has vending machines 😦

4. I have my kindle, a book, my iPod (stocked with movies and tv shows) and obviously my phone. It’ll be a long day but at least I can rotate entertainment… After-all watching toddlers torment their exhausted parents only provides so much “reality tv” to watch in the terminal.

I still have an hour to kill with apparently a delay tacking on more time… I think I’ll troll Pinterest.

I am seriously indebted to whoever created this site 🙂

Cross your fingers I make all my connections! Can’t wait for Colorado 🙂

How do you survive airports? Any favorite airports with good shops or restaurants?


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