Maine Dish

Warning: Lobsters may not have survived last night’s dinner. In fact, they may have been the center piece of the meal. I feel twinges of guilt.


There are definite ups and downs when it comes to military life. Some days you can sing the praises of the benefits we receive and other days you are cursing the system and glaring at all things military.

This was a high point πŸ™‚ Much like another adventure I had, when I flew Space-A (AKA free as a firefly)…

This fare-free trip offered the killer bonus of seeing some of the other guys that fly with my husband do their thing. I waved frantically at them, shouting “I KNOW THEM” but oddly enough they didn’t seem to reciprocate. But I digress…

This story is about making AF buddies. As I’ve mentioned I’m a group fitness instructor at the base gym up here in good old Alaska. I teach two boot camp classes and two spin classes a week. My boot camp class has become somewhat of an Air Guard thing πŸ™‚ I have a group of guys that consistently come to my class and they just happen to be tanker guys…

This picture is from January 20.. It was a balmy -54 outside... This is what "Ice Fog" looks like

These fine gentleman and I have become buds after making them sweat, jump, run and lift all summer long. A lovely perk has been when they go off on missions they sometimes bring me a little prize from their destination.

This week they were headed out to Maine and they offered up the chance to get LIVE lobsters brought back for only $10.99/lb. This is a major deal. A coup. A dream.

I ran out to my car and got cash for my lobster Sherpa’s to bring me some crustaceans!

I received my cargo last night and drove home to figure out the process of cooking my lobsters. It was rather eery hearing them creak and squeak in the Styrofoam cooler but I valiantly trudged on!

I decided to steam my little critters rather than boil them. Somehow this sounded better and maybe less of a chance that the water could boil over and be a big fat mess.

The instructions state that for a 1.0-1.25 lb lobster you should steam them for about 18mins. I guessed what each little bugger weighed and shot for around 20 mins. I steamed several lobsters at a time too…For whatever reason I thought that this would result in less water-logged lobbies. I can’t tell you if they were better than boiled but they were delishhhh!!

It was definitely an activity filled dinner though. Lots of cracking, popping and juices flying. Lol gross… But its true. You really had to earn this dinner. While I could have done without the “innards” the tail and claws were meaty and awesome. Obviously they were dipped in a little butter bath and promptly melted in my mouth. There are so few things that butter can’t make better.

I also had some broiled corn on the cob, a tomato and avocado salad and finish off the meal with some Sour Cream Cinnamon Sugar Bundt cake.. which is somehow half gone. Mmm. πŸ™‚

Are you a lobster fan? Or more of a crab person?

My first seafood love is crab cakes, but last night was definitely a fun treat! But every time I hear the word lobster I always think of this..


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