Sharing is Caring

In junior high and high school, my sister and I had separate bedrooms, but a shared closet. It was a large room – seriously 10 times the size of a normal closet – between our two bedrooms, with more than enough space for both of us to store our clothes and shoes. But its enormous size did nothing to prevent EPIC battles from breaking out over the contents of that closet.

You see, Jenn and I are basically the same size, but neither of us wanted to share our clothes with the other. Naturally, this led to a bit of clothing “borrowing” while the other sister wasn’t looking. How could I resist that cute khaki miniskirt, in my size, hanging right there in front of me? Why should Jenn ignore my Abercrombie halter top (eesh, remember Abercrombie?) when it so clearly belonged with her favorite pair of jeans?

The arguments were intense. Jenn liked to exact revenge for my borrowing by locking me out of our shared bathroom. I preferred to storm dramatically into her room, search through her drawers for my missing clothes, and leave a mess behind. Maturity at its best, people.

And then, one day, we had a brilliant revelation. Or perhaps not brilliant, but we at least finally embraced the obvious. If we voluntarily shared clothes, our wardrobes would double in size. We would have TWO times the clothes. And if you have ever seen Jenn’s wardrobe, it meant so many cute clothes for me.

It was kind of a shock to move away for college, and suddenly find myself without half my favorite outfits. During phone calls, we would ask after favorite clothing items in each other’s now-divided closets. “How’s that green sweater?” I would say sadly. “Did you take your red dress?” Jenn would ask. I came home on breaks with tiny suitcases, claiming I didn’t want to pay the baggage handling fees. Really I wanted to wear my sister’s clothes for the few weeks I was home.

Now, we’re even farther apart, but that has not stopped me from raiding my sister’s closet from a distance. I’ve attended a lot of weddings in the last year, and at least half of my dresses came by mail from Jenn’s Closet. See the proof below.

It’s better than any online shopping 🙂


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