Let’s Get Together

I’m sorry if I have now lodged this song in your brain until the end of the week 🙂 but I absolutely loved this movie when I was little. Hayley Mills kind of rocked my socks as a kid…

But on the sister end track of things I thought I’d share a tradition that my sister and I started about 4 year ago.

Elyse and I realized the difficulties that come into play as we grew older, managing time, living in different places, jobs, etc. Finding weekends or holidays that work to get quality time with family and friends gets more difficult as more life factors appear. When I was a junior in college my sister was a fresh-faced college grad starting work in DC.

We always saw each other at holidays and big family events but depending on the time she had off from work these visits could be few and far between.

Being that in our family there are only two kids, and we happen to both like each other (yay :-)) we decided to have a dedicated Sister’s Trip each year. Each year we’ve planned a 3-4 day weekend that we can meet up and enjoy exploring together.

The first inaugural trip was to Vegas…

A quick weekend in the City of Sin allowed us to shop, eat, enjoy a show, and hit the night life.

But from the city that demands you to be 21, we went the opposite way… It was time to revisit our youth…

Disney World!! We researched the crap out of how to conquer all three parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom). I can tell you that hitting Disney World in your twenties, free of strollers, nap times, and big groups was a magical experience. We power walked our butts off and hit every major ride in the parks. We were Disney Champions.

And yes we also made homemade Disney shirts. My sister’s featured Belle because that’s her girl, and mine was Tinkerbell. We were epic and wore them with pride.

This last year I had the real treat of visiting the city to beat all cities. Elyse and I conquered New York…

From the sites to the shows, we packed the weekend. Book of Mormon and Anything Goes were our theater treats, and I even saw someone famous while there…

Oh Heyyyy Mr. Taye Diggs 🙂 He was at Anything Goes with his mother (awww) and yes he is as good-looking in person. And yes I squealed and said “oh my god that’s Taye Diggs”… I live in Alaska, let me get excited when cool things happen to me!!

We usually plan the big Sister trips for early spring-ish and have plenty of time to dork out and research our next locale. This year we’re talking about a possible Canadian location? Or Seattle… oorrrr who knows!

Its one of my favorite traditions though. It’s just my sister and I keeping tabs on each other, having a weekend to just be sisters. Since we both enjoy restaurant treasure hunting, and exploring its a special weekend that is just about us.

Do you have any family traditions? Sibling activities that mean something to you?



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