A Little QT

A four-day weekend is upon us and Trevor and I will be departing today for a long weekend together. A little Quality Time if you will 🙂

This summer has flown by and we’ve had very little down time to absorb any of it.

June was entirely dedicated to our yard overhaul, constructing our patio, and learning what the true meaning of home ownership is.

July was a mish mash of family visitors, military exercises and overall chaos.

August literally slipped through my fingers. Between having a double dose of colds and both of us being rather busy (babies, Air Force stuff, and whatever else you can think of) we just didn’t get much time to mellow out.

So tomorrow, my goofy and adorable husband is sweeping me off to who knows where so that we can decompress. We both need a little break from regular life, and are going to be those annoying couple-y people 🙂

So I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day weekend! May it be filled with gorgeous weather, a handsome man, a large glass of wine, and hopefully some R&R.


*yes this was a shameless post highlighting my husband. But guess what? When there are only two of you, one person is behind the camera… 🙂 And I happen to think he’s rather good-looking.



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