3 Things About My Friends

Thankfully my life is full of not just “me things” but full of some of the most wonderful people in the world. They are all over the world, being amazing and generous people.

One of my friends is currently in Madagascar working for the Peace Corps. My sister is in Washington DC working on programs and events for the Smithsonian. And I have a wealth of awesomeness up here in Alaska, all supporting and living as military families. Not to mention my heart and soul of high school and college friends in Colorado…

So as I’m thinking about my friends, and how I met each one, I started to think about the things that make them the really good friends. You know, not just friends but the people you really can lean on. From my high school friends to my Air Force ladies there is a rather broad spectrum of personalities, interests, and where they are in life.

My idea was to think of the uniting characteristics that really anchor a person’s place in my life. I’ve come to realize that the people I really keep in touch with and that are permanent friends, hold certain traits that make them the people I can really turn to.1) Loyal This is the most important characteristic to me. To me this means that through distance, arguments, and the everyday changes we all go through, that as friends we grow together. You learn how to stand next to each other, stand up for one another, and are committed to the friendship.

2)Sense of Humor If you know me, you know that sarcasm is my first language. In my life I need people who want to laugh, that can take a joke, and that can toss some humor my way when I need it. If you can make me laugh I automatically feel a ping of friendship. I am definitely someone who laughs at the “kind of” funny parts in the movie… You know the laugh inside moments when everyone thinks it’s funny but not necessarily funny enough to laugh out loud? I laugh out loud. And unfortunately do this with more volume than I intend. So I’m usually the weirdo cracking up by myself in a packed theater. Oops… So if you can laugh with me or not laugh at me 🙂 then I think we’re pretty set. 3) Generous There are a boat load full of ways that my friends have been more than generous and thoughtful. I’ve been lucky to find people who will pick me up from airports, lend relentless support, and know that I may not be there in the same way. Since my life offers the opportunity/burden of moving frequently, the friendship I have are a pretty committed bond, to say that a friend will be generous with their time to pick up the phone, or meet me on a trip. Everyone is busy, everyone has thousands of things they can spend their time on… But my friends are generous enough to allow me to steal some time and energy so that we can stay connected.

I know its impossible to show appreciation for these things every second of every day but I’m pretty lucky.

Do you know what characteristics your true blue friends have in common? What do you think is the most important quality to your relationship?


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