80s Baby!

Hi Friends! Hope you enjoyed the first post from my seester 🙂 Last time I was in DC she took me to Ted’s Bulletin and it was pretty awesome. Get the pop tarts!!

Keep your eyes out for more from Elyse… she’s my cosmopolitan girl, hitting up the big city and giving my culture starved self some fun stories.

Today was spin city! My usual Tuesday class was in for a little themed adventure…

Everyone knows these songs, and I thought it’d be fun to get some shweaty spinning on while we listened to some old schools beats 🙂

Get on that bike, rock a side pony, and DO IT!

Get On Your Feet -Gloria Estefan (3:40) Warm Up
Jump – Van Halen (4:01) Finishing warming up, stretch out, and go through each position on the bike. Sitting, standing jog, aggressive climb (position 3), and hover.

Start Me Up – Rolling Stones (3:32) Start the workout with a hill climb. Seated for the verses, standing for the chorus. Stand it up from: :50-1:15, 1:40-2:00, 2:22-2:40. Add resistance before each standing section.
Mony Mony – Billy Idol (5:00) Sprints! Recover for the first 40s, make sure you turn up the tension before each sprint… :40-1:00, 1:43-2:03, 2:55-3:16, 3:58-4:50
Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield (3:15) Cadence and Hovers. Focus on returning back to a strong pace after each hover! Hover from 0:46-1:13, 2:02-2:20
You Shook Me All Night Long – Ac/Dc (3:30)Circuit, move from each position on the bike every 30 seconds
Raspberry Beret – Prince (3:33) Jumps! Four counts from standing to sitting, and then switch to standing to hovers!
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice (4:10) Climb and Hover! Start heavier resistance 7.5/10 Stand up at :41s and Hover at :58-1:15, then sit back down with a half turn on resistance. Stand up at 2:04, Hover at 2:21-2:237, sit back down and add. Final hover at 3:10-3:31, finish the climb in the saddle with one last turn!
Livin’ On a Prayer – Bon Jovi (4:11) Sprints! 1:17-1:48, 2:23-2:56, 3:16-3:55
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (4:54) Rolling Hills, start building the hill adding a half turn every 20s, at 1:26 take a half turn off and pick up your pace, then come back to regular pace and starting building another hill at 1:48, again adding every 20s. Take a half turn off at 2:48 and try to pick it up again using the momentum of less tension. One last hill starting at 3:06, add tension every 20s and take a full turn and a half off at 4:28 to come down fast!
What I Like About You – The Ramones (2:58) Jumps! Sitting to standing for the full 3 mins
Hungry Like a Wolf – Duran Duran (3:28) Last hill circuit. Turn it up every 30s.. make it a tough hill! Its your last one!
Sunglasses at Night – Voodoo Remix (3:13) Mini sprints! :45-1:02, 2:10-2:39
I’m Free – Kenny Loggins (3:47) Last set of SPRINTS and you’re done!! 1:17-1:48, 2:23-2:56 and the last sprint is a long one.. FLOOR IT, and get everything out of the tank! 3:16-3:55

Cool Down to Hungry Eyes and Sweetest Thing!

Challenge yourself and really add the tension on, sprint it hard, and keep pushing! You will torch some serious calories with these intervals!

Have a great night guys!


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