Hello from DC!

Hi sister’s blog friends! I’m Jenn’s sister, Elyse. Since Jenn has treated us to the many exotic sights (moose, hillbilly estate sales, “bunny boots”) and sounds (gunshots, awesome spin mixes) of Alaska, I thought I’d provide a little tour of my current hometown on the opposite coast – Washington, D.C.

D.C. is famous for, you know, being the capital of our country, the seat of our government, etc. etc. But since you’ve probably seen the White House and the monuments in a history book at some point, I’ll skip showing you the obvious D.C. sites, and instead show you two of my favorite local places in the city.

If you ever visit D.C., you MUST eat at Ted’s Bulletin. They play old movies on screens around the restaurant. They make their own Pop-tarts and Twinkies. They have  a.mazing milkshakes (both kid-friendly, and “adult” options available!). I drag every friend, date, and out-of-town guest there, and they all love it!

Just up the block from Ted’s is Eastern Market. Six days a week, they have a farmer’s market, and on weekends, it turns into a GIANT flea market, craft fair, and food fest. You can make a whole meal out of sampling the produce, cheese, pickles, candied nuts, and homemade hummus. Not that I’ve ever done that or anything…

And finally, a story about the first time Jenn visited me in D.C. We don’t have hillbillies, but as she can attest, we do have some interesting vagrants. On this visit, a gentleman at a bus stop kindly informed us that we were far too ugly to sacrifice to God. I didn’t know whether to be pleased (he doesn’t want to kill us!) or really insulted (who are you calling ugly, scary homeless man?!). On that same bus ride, a fellow passenger decided to show Jenn a very special part of his anatomy. It was not a good day to ride the bus.

Because I don’t want my city to get a bad name, I’d like point out that I never had these encounters outside of my sister’s visit. Anyone else ever had a strange encounter when they were out with Jenn? She has a powerful weirdo magnet.


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