Fair’s Fair

Fairbanks has officially dipped into the autumn bucket. Our weather has turned from gray, rainy and occasionally sunny… to gray, rainy, cool, and very rarely sunny. Subtle difference but  it’s happening.

But the locals say that it’s always rainy when its State Fair week… So I guess Mother Nature is keeping with tradition.

But us Boswells said “To HELL with the weather! To the fair we go!!”

I haven’t been to a State Fair since I lived in Minnesota… soo that would be over 15 years ago. All that I knew was I better get my hands on something fried and sugary.

Since Alaskans have known this to be a rainy week it was interesting to see a Fair use indoor buildings as much as this Fair did, but I guess you live and learn and do what works.

First we headed into their vendor “market”, which started out successful.. I found a Mary Kay Lady that can get me stocked up on eye make-up remover (FYI this is the best eye make-up remover in the world. Try it)

But after wandering a bit more, things went down hill.

It started out ok.. I got sucked into a place that would clean my ring. I was ok with that. The poor thing was looking a little beat up and dirty. After about 10mins of hearing a convincing sales pitch… I left with this:

Yes I am one of those people that buys dumb cleaning products. But hey, it made my ring all sparkly.. Sparklyyyyy 🙂

We also got sucked into a 20min demo on Quik and Brite but thankfully I was sneaky enough to wander away before I ended up with 100oz of cleaning pink goo. It was time for some different entertainment.

What’s a fair though without some giant produce??

I could have contributed some veggies to the Fair, but sadly my seedlings staged a protest early June and gave up on me. It might have something do with the fact that I left them unattended for 2 weeks while on vacation… Oops 🙂

Finally rounding out our local attraction experience was the animals!

Some little kids…

And some porkers…

Don’t worry I didn’t mention anything about bacon…

But if this doesn’t say oink bacon oink.. I don’t know what does!

This little lady, or Peggy Sue, weighs in at 540lbs and at the ripe old  age of 18 months I think she’s pretty happy about it. And you thought your baby was chubby 🙂

I had a lot of quality time with the piggies, as the skies had opened up the moment I set foot in the pigsty of a place, and a torrential downpour ensued.

It was a great day at the Fair though. Fun to walk around and look at things. To enjoy a fried Elephant Ear (delicious fried dough with cinnamon sugar!) and people watch!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! When was the last time you hit a State Fair?


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