Spin Mojo

Last week I had a rough class. I was still sick. Still feeling rather foggy.

My class looked like they weren’t thrilled to find themselves on their bikes. They too were not looking forward to an hour of work.

I wanted to rally them. To bring their spirits up and have a great class.

But it didn’t work. Between my clogged head, some really cloudy gross Alaska weather, and their not so pumped attitudes we all had a blah day. I lost my spin mojo.

Tuesday though, I was on a mission. I needed my spin mojo back. I needed a confidence booster, to feel like my instructor glow was still going strong.

This mix brought my mojo back hard. I got that “je ne sais quoi” back 🙂

Warm Up:
Trouble Maker (3:58)
Rumour Has It (3:43)

Spider Webs(4:28) Sprints 15/30/60, get off the start line fast, have around a 7/10 resistance on where it feels like a little gravel is under your tires so that when you take off you can really push into the pedals :45-:58, 1:29-1:55, 2:36-3:44

Every Tear is a Waterfall (4:03) Rolling hills, don’t take it all off to sprint down, only take about a 1/2 turn off to come down a little of the hill. Turn it up 3 times every 20s, and then 1/2 turn for downhill.. repeat for the song

Til the World Ends (3:58) Jumps, switch between regular up/downs, with up/hovers

Edge of Glory (5:21) Climb/Sprints 30/30/60s Put your tension up to 8/10, like you’re in the middle of a hill already, then get ready to take off for sprints in between climbing, 1:04-1:34, 2:28-2:58, and 4:02-5:02

Where Them Girls At (3:15) Cadence track, focus on keeping a consistent pace, faster than your comfort zone, only maintainable for the 3 mins!

Bon Bon(3:36) Jumps

Crushcrushcrush (3:09) flat road with surges (surges are 80-90% of your max effort, sprint is all out 100%) :45-1:05, 1:45-1:59, Hover from 1:59-2:14, surge at 2:27-3:06

Fireburning(4:03) You’ve got four minute to really focus on pace. Pick something faster, not comfortable. You’ll really have to push to maintain it for the whole song

Rocketeer(3:31) Climb. Seated and out in position three climbing. Every 30s turn it a half turn. On the last minute make them big turns, make it steep and challenge yourself for the last 60s

Black Horse & a Cherry Tree (2:56) Have a little fun with this one and every time you here the “woohoo” change positions. Moving from seated, to jogging, to position three climbing. Push your pace for these intervals whatever position you are on the bike :45-1:05, 1:47-2:04, 2:31-2:50. Its an active listening/biking challenge!

Numb/Encore (3:25) Climb!! Last hill! Start out at a 7.5/10. By the end get about as close to 9.5 as you can. Its a slow slog but you’re almost done!

On The Floor(3:51) Last song, last set of sprints! Moving from regular seated, to a hover (jack up your tension) to sprints(take about half the tension you added off)
Hover at 1:22 Move down to sprint at 1:40-1:55
Hover at 2:32 Move out to sprint at 2:50-3:05
Last sprint at 3:25-3:45 ALL OUT!!

Cool Down:
I Try (2:56)
Angel (3:57)

A hard core hour of nothing but spinning. I got my mojo back.


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