Ugly things

Sometimes I love ugly things. Things that I may have judged too early, too harshly.

We all have those “unattractive” items that allow they are not aesthetically pleasing, serve such a great purpose that their looks are disregarded.

My first example of Ugly Things That I love are my Crocs:

They are not cute. They are what gardeners should wear, but not as functional shoes. But guess what, I love them.

Crocs are so easy to slip on and go. They make taking Beemer out easier. I like them. I’m sorry shoe people, they really “work” for me.

Now you can submit my name to What Not To Wear šŸ™‚ I will happily spend $5000 shopping in NYC.

Secondly, my old sorority sweat pants. They take the term droopy butt to a new level. These sweat pants have magic powers to make anybody look like a frumpy gross mess. Again, I love them. They are seriously the most comfortable ugly pants in the world. I got them for being a sober sis at our sophomore winter formal. I usually wore them as my hung over sweats. Go figure šŸ™‚ Now they are the best things to comfort by cold behind during the frigid Alaska winters. Sorry honey, but warmth overrides my desire to looks sexy when its -40 below.

I love things like Biore Pore strips…. no one can make those things look pretty.

I even loved this horribly tacky ladybug suitcase.Ā  I love ladybugs with a passion, but even this pushes the limits.

Do you have ugly things that you love? A particular outfit that makes everyone cringe but warms your heart? A bag that should have been dumpster bound but somehow is your favorite one to lug around?

Please tell I’m not the only one with ugly stuff šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Ugly things

  1. Yes! I love my big, ugly bedtime bun. Erik calls it my “crazy hair”. I’m not one of those women who needs to look cute at bedtime; I’m all about functional and comfortable. I still wear my maternity pj pants (another ugly thing I won’t give up), my retainers, bright orange earplugs and the crazy hair.

    • I have a crazy bedtime hair do too! But since my hair is shorter now somehow I end up looking like I have devil horns… We’ll need to have a Pajamas movie night when the guys are gone, and let the full glory of ugly bedtime outfits run wild!

  2. 1) I have those crocs 2) I have those same ugly sweatpants 3) I can’t tell you what else I have ugly because I am still single and have to keep all those pleasant surprises secret until later in life šŸ˜‰

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