A Couple of Things

I’m sure many of you have realized, if you’re a big blog reader like me, that many writers have tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of posts on their kids. They can tell you about their pregnancies, their cravings, their birth story, favorite toys, diapers, furniture… you get the point.

Now I’m obviously not ragging on the non-child bearing population because I’m one of them. I love my non-toddler-diaper-plastic toy life right now. I love spending all my time with my handsome hubby.

The thing is that once you roll into this place called “the military world” you quickly realize that Baby Land is not only in your future but knocking at your door.

Let me explain. We are in the “two is enough for us” phase. As in two people in our house. Not two kids. But Baby Land is very much a part of my life. The military has what they call “baby assignments”, don’t be fooled… they are every assignment. I swear if they set up a base in Iraq that spouses can go to, there will be babies. Every base is chalked full of waddling, round bellied ladies. So what ends up happening to the non-child bearing wives is the definition of peer pressure.

“When are you going to have kids?” (I think they want the answer: Tomorrow)

“Are you guys going to start trying soon?” (Yes actually, do you have a free room?)

“You know this a baby assignment right? Maybe even two!!” (Greeaattt, someone get me knocked up right now!!)

There is the understanding crowd that will tell you to wait, to enjoy your time with your spouse… these are the gems that are supportive of your choice to not immediately pop out babies. I love them.

But what quickly happens is a down pour of baby knowledge and facts and gross information that people who don’t have kids may want to run the other way from. If you ever hear anything starting with “mucus” come out of a pregnant lady’s mouth I encourage you to run for the door.

I find that the better route is to listen, absorb and keep the key nuggets that may come in useful down the road. However the boob/breastfeeding talk, I zone out. Otherwise I end up staring at the poor girl’s chest like a deer in headlights. Sorry friends if I’ve done this too you.

I find most of it rather amusing though. Hearing about babysitter politics (apparently sharing is a risky idea), what ages do what, and how to survive the crabby baby days.Its just a humorous part of the military that no matter how unready you may be for a baby, they will provide information, examples and anything else they can think of for your pregnancy-encouraging enjoyment.

Thankfully my pregnant friends have tolerated my rather childish reactions, silly questions, and offer pretty sound, awesome, advice.

Bottom line is I think Trevor and I are happy where we’re at for right now. We can go on vacations, go out to dinners and movies, and all without a stroller in tow. So there is my answer to the “when are you guys going to have kids” question.


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