My attitude on maturity is that until my father acts his age, I am safe to be as bubbly, giggly, and young as I want.

You see my father has numerous Vegas trips with his fraternity brothers each year, he makes up ridiculous jokes and laughs at them himself, and he loves to embarrass his daughters. When he folds laundry he puts underwear on his head and acts like its normal. He supremely enjoys coloring while out to dinner at restaurants.

See? I have no responsibility to act mature. Therefore I still enjoy things like playing at the playground.

I like dressing up for Halloween.

I love Disneyland and Disney World.

I still hug all the characters just like when I was five.

One of my favorite “I’m having a bad day” meals is macaroni and cheese with corn mixed in and then chicken nuggets. Very kindergarten 🙂

When people say “Yea she acts like she’s 24”.. I say “Good, that’s relatively good for today. Yesterday I was in my teens.” What better way than to live your life for the age you’re at. I don’t have to “look forward” to growing up or waiting for when I can do things. I just get to enjoy each day, learn as I go, and smile and laugh through the whole thing.


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