Air High-Five

This is my house:

This is my house without any landscaping…. Well unless you count the ridiculous amount of rocks….

This is my backyard. It WAS a veritable gravel pit. It has a nice little hill back there to accommodate our charming septic tank and fuel for the house. Cozy huh?

In case you’re not getting how horrific our lot looked, please take a look at this….

Doesn’t that look like fun? Can you see the summer fun?

No? Me neither.

So this is how it went down…we raked. We got no where. Shockingly there was TOO many rocks. So first thing we went for was our walkway and patio…

First we had to level the mud pit…

Then we added two inches of gravel…

Then we added one inch of sand…

Then we laid the heavy-weird-shaped pavers…

Then we put sand into the cracks to lock those babies in place.

After the paver pain I went into grass mode. We have an acre and this meant a lot of quality time with a rake. We had tons of dirt delivered (12 truck loads to be specific) and then I went to work. Raking. Raking all day. Then came the happy easy part of using my push spreader thing ma-jig to lovingly spray my yard with fertilizer and seeds. A top coat of peat moss sealed the deal.

Again, a nice big BEFORE picture:

And now the big reveal!!! The After shot:

No big deal, it just looks amazing. LIE. Its a huge freaking deal. I planted my first ever lawn, and look at that. ITS GREEN. It looks like a normal backyard!!! Ha! Go meeeee!!

Sorry, I’m off to go do  a victory dance and air high-5 myself. I have a yard. Sweet 🙂


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