The Second Date

Where I last left off I believe everyone should grasp that I was a bit ga-ga over Trevor (not GaGa, there was no meat dress or weird lobster shoes). Our first date was cute and sweet and I felt like I was hanging out with Prince Charming. It all felt very comfortable and easy.

Date Numero Dos was a liiittttllleee different. Date two involved new characters who were introduced into the plot.

I had a job last year up the canyon from Boulder. It was a quirky little location; I worked in a house, had zero cell reception, and had my two friends as co-workers. These two co-workers were the first to meet Trevor and give him a larger look into my life.

My handsome date was kind enough to offer to bring me lunch only 12 hours after we had ended our first date. None of that wait three days for a phone call nonsense. He made the drive up the winding canyon with Panera in tow and was welcomed into my little work world. Poor guy.

Within the first five minutes we broke into what I can only call “girl spaz” attacks and were laughing and finishing each other’s sentences. We were dorks. Case and point, we made him watch this video.

See? We were embarrassing. But guess what I’m still embarrassing and he married me. I wave my nerd flag and I wave it everyday.

Honestly, though, lunch was fun. It was funny to have this new guy already meeting my friends and coworkers and it all felt like it fit. I had a school girl crush and was so happy to have a cute guy bringing me lunch.

When he headed out we made plans for that night. His last night in town. His last night in town before he went back to JAPAN. WHERE HE LIVED. WHICH IS A 16 HOUR TIME DIFFERENCE. sigh.

Now this is where is truly ridiculous chivalrous, manly, hotness came out. I was so tired from being out late, driving my commute home and then back to work early that Friday morning that my cute pilot offered to drive all the way from Boulder to Fort Collins to pick me up. That’s over an hour of driving. Oh and we were going to hang out in Boulder. I was too sleep deprived to graciously decline.

So he picked me up and we talked and stared at each other on the drive back to the Boulder area… Where was he taking me you ask? He was taking me to a very local, hometown street fair. It would totally be a hometown date on The Bachelor.. very American and cute. Oh and by the way his parents where there. So it was exactly the same as The Bachelor. Who meets a guy’s parents on the second date? That’d be me. Oddly Trevor’s parents, who are divorced and his dad lives in another state, were conveniently in the same location at this very same street fair. Cool

So I met the parents, I was nervous and sweating. Oh hey future in-laws! But as overwhelmed and nervous as I was, we did get our first couple picture..

Trevor and I hung out and listened to the band, bought delicious kettle corn, downed a beer, and acted like we’d met months ago. After the street fair we went to his mom’s house because he needed to pack up his stuff for his 8am flight. It was odd to be helping him, why was I packing up my date’s stuff? Aren’t we supposed to be at a movie or something? But this was a habit to get used to.

Trevor drove me home at 1am and then hung out with me until almost 3am. We were both barely keeping our eyes open but the time was literally almost out. He needed to drive back to his mom’s so she could take him to the airport. The pit in my stomach was forming…

As I walked him out and said a very dumb-struck good bye. I hugged him and kissed him good night. We said our first I love you. You can roll your eyes if you want, but if you know me this was very out of character. I love my friends, I love food, I love dogs… but boys well, it takes me a bit longer than 48hrs. Not with Trevor. I hugged him again, and literally as he pulled out of my driveway I thought “he’s a big deal, he’s it”.

I was 22. I had just got my first job. I hadn’t even lived on my own yet. I found him.

He left for Japan that morning and we talked, and texted his entire journey back to northern Japan. A routine soon set in of talking to him around 4-5am for an hour or two. We emailed like crazy. I got to know my best friend via letters, phone calls, and Skype dates. There wasn’t the convenience of quiet time on the couch or the distractions of going out to eat at a restaurant.

Two months later he came to visit me. About every 8-9wks for the next 8 months was our dating story. By the time we got married we’d spent less than 3 months together.


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