How I Met My Husband Part III

Thursday August 13th was the big first date. After our three hour phone conversation I had several things outlined in my head about my date. He was an Air Force fighter pilot, he currently lived in JAPAN, and he seemed like the nicest human being on earth. (Nice and handsome? That never happens).

First of all, I mentioned previously his profile, he had his location listed as Louisville, CO. So when we talked about his work and life, he dropped the bomb that he was currently stationed in Northern Japan. In my mind this meant only one thing, I got to go on a very nice date with a very good looking guy but obviously this wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t interested in a mega-long distance relationship.

Secondly, the fighter pilot factor wasn’t so much a “thing”to me as much as I just thought it was neat. However when I told my college guy friend I was going out with a fighter pilot that night, he almost asked to go. I realized that maybe being an F-16 pilot is a bigger deal to some people. Note to self don’t hate on air planes on date.

Finally, the phone conversation had also firmly established that Trevor was a 100% genuine, sweet, and kind man. From his obvious love of the Air Force, to his obsession with dogs, and the ability to put me at ease even though I was talking to a complete stranger; he was honestly the nicest guy I’d ever talked to. I had no idea what to expect on the date… maybe there would be zero chemistry? Maybe he would look nothing like his very good looking photogenic Match pictures? Maybe he just wasn’t as good as he seemed?

After a work meeting on my end, and an afternoon with god parents on his end, Trevor and I were scheduled to meet on Pearl Street at Tahona. I was early. Obviously. So I sat in my car and read an US Weekly until I could stroll up and meet my second bachelor. Trevor, however, was late. If you know me at all, I was staring at the clock, counting the minutes, anxiety rising with each tick. I am not a late person. But my blonde haired 6’3″ date did arrive…. Actually he power walked looking rather frazzled up to the restaurant. Poor guy was a bit frantic. But from my car ,right in front of the restaurant, I recognized him and walked up to save him from the awkward where-is-my-date-restaurant-walk-around.

God he was tall. Tall and handsome. He had the real honest to goodness light blue eyes that make a girl weak at the knees. He was better than the pictures. That smile. Wow. If anyone was watching I’m sure they saw me desperately batting my eye lashes and pathetic girlish giggles were erupting.

I somehow managed to act mostly normal through dinner. We had pretty easy conversation and minimal awkward silences πŸ™‚ From Tahona we hit a Boulder standard, The Walrus, for some pool. Trevor bought us some beers but at this point I was so conscious of not acting like a 12yr old school girl that I had about 2 teeny tiny sips. As I remember it, I won both games. Trevor says he won the second game but what really happen is on the first break he scratched… I was gracious and let him have a mulligan. Your welcome honey.

Pearl Street Mall

After I handed him his butt in pool, we walked around Pearl Street. As we sat on a bench and I had googly eyes listening to my Prince Charming,Β  a lovely homeless man decided it was his moment to cut in on the conversation. Apparently on the almost empty street he was going to throw down a fight. He was kind enough to ask Trevor if he would like to have his back. You know cause they were buds? The thing is I have a bizarre fear of homeless people (I was grabbed when I was little in SF and am rather jumpy ever since), so while Trevor was being propositioned for his fighting prowess, I was slowly sinking lower and lower trying to disappear from sight. Knight in shining armor date that he was, Trevor came to the rescue and somehow persuaded homeless-fighter man to vacate the area. My hero πŸ™‚ Obviously he could have taken an imaginary ninja in seconds, but he was humble enough to walk away.

The thing about this whole date was that had it been anyone else it would have been very regular, very vanilla. But I was head over heels after an hour. Prior to our homeless weirdo interaction I already had the thought of “I think I could marry this guy”. And no it wasn’t the I’m going home to doodle my name with his last name kind of thing. It was the “this guy has all the qualities that I would love in a husband”.

Yes I kissed him on the first date. Sorry. He was hot. I almost had to. What with my eye lash batting, incessant giggling, and drooling all over everything he said, he was lucky I didn’t lunge at his lips halfway through the date.

So that was our first date. I had one more date with this man before he left me in my tracks to head back to Japan. Twenty-four hours to soak up a guy that I had just met and was already infatuated with. I have one last post on our “meeting” and then you’ll be rid of my love-sick possibly vomit inducing teenage story πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday everyone…



One thought on “How I Met My Husband Part III

  1. I love how you say so casually you had a “work meeting” before the date… let’s be honest you were a little buzzed thanks to all those margs our boss bought for us! At any rate, guess it doesn’t matter ‘cuz you snagged a pretty great man!

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