How I Met My Husband Part II

So my adventures in online dating had begun and I was in the middle of the adult version of junior high note passing. AKA sending nerdy notes back and forth with bachelors that usually were started with something like….”hey I like your profile…how are you?”…. Be still my heart right?

I decided that I wasn’t interested in going on a bunch of dates just to GO on dates. I wanted to screen my dates a bit more than that. So I traded emails for a while with different guys and then when I felt I got the normal vibe for long enough that I was convinced they wouldn’t kill me, I gave the green light for my first date.

My first date was actually a normal, easy evening. I told my sister I would be going on a blind/ date, and if I sent a text with “w” then call 911 or send in a rescue team. However, everything went as date-y as possible. We met at a coffee shop and headed out to dinner.

We walked down Pearl Street mall and headed to Centro. I love this restaurant and knew I’d be comfortable here. Not to mention I worked at the restaurant across the street, Pasta Jay’s, in college and if I was really needing to ditch a weirdo I knew there were some safety in numbers near by.

We ate, we drank, we traded witty comments and anecdotes about ourselves. It was all par the course for a first date. Post dinner we walked around a bit more and then hit a bar for a drink.

It wasn’t super exciting and it wasn’t bad. It just was. I thought he was very nice but I just ‘wasn’t into him”. (Read that book if you want to laugh about girls being dumb about dating 🙂 ). I felt a little odd about the date in the end because I didn’t know how to proceed. Do I need to go on a 2nd date? Do I cut it off? Do I pull a disappearing act and dodge his calls? WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR ONLINE DATING?!?!?!

Post-first-date I continued on with’s provided rolodex of men. Each day they were gracious enough to provide me with my “Daily 5”. These lucky goobers have enough things in common with me, according to the massive profile that I filled out, that they would be lined up in my inbox each morning. Again was considerate enough to come up with dummy proof ways to address the daily roundup. I had three simple straight forward options. “Yes! I’m interested”, “Maybe”, and “Not interested, but good luck on your search”. That “yes I’m interested” felt so eager, like it was screaming “DATE ME, I WANT BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND”…. it freaked me out. Therefor I used that option all of twice in my entire Match experience.

tboz_1981 28-year-old-man Louisville, CO, US Seeks women 21-30

On Sunday August 9th, a very cute, blonde haired, tall, good looking man appeared in my Daily 5. Please take note of his claimed local (Louisville, CO)… and also his rather generous age range. 21?? really :-). Men.

None the less, look at him. Friggen adorable. I immediately clicked “Yes! I’m interested” (read: YES I”LL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND, PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME). And then, thank you, a humiliating email went to my future husband telling him that a 22 yr old (ha you thought I was against it, I was 1yr over his cut off) fresh out of college, wide eyed and bushy tailed sarcastic dork was interested. I’m sure he was knocked off his feet 😉

But to my surprise he sent back a message the next morning:

“Hey there…
Saw you on here and loved what I read. Not sure what your schedule is like, but maybe we could get  together sometime? Hope you had a great weekend, and talk to you later.

OMG. He checked the yes box from my cheesy note!! So we traded a few little messages to arrange meeting up. I was breaking my screening rule because he was hot. How junior high am I?

Trevor actually had just returned back to Colorado from a family reunion so the first night he called to go out I was in the middle of a girls’ night at my house. It was a rather spazy conversation, because I was a nervous school girl getting a call from her crush and I was pathetically bummed that I had plans when Hottie McHottie wanted to go out. But the universe had a good plan… I thankfully had a glass OR two of wine and had the courage to call him later to talk. My impromptu wine  phone call turned into a 3.5 hour conversation about everything under the sun. I liked him. A lot. And we hadn’t even met.

We went out the next night. It was magical. Part III will be posted Sunday 🙂


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