Cardio Camp

As I’ve mentioned before I am a self proclaimed cardio junkie. It’s my go to workout almost everyday. When my heart is pumping and I find the rhythm to my pace, I get in a serious zone. That being said this summer has been a total switch up to my routine.

I was very committed for my first winter in Alaska that I would hold true to my 5 days a week workout. I did it ALL winter. Check that 9 month beast out. Bravo me. But it was a rather Nancy of a showing. I hit the elliptical for almost everyday I was at the gym. I cued up the TV on the machine to Ellen and plugged away in zombie mode. Very little challenge, very little intensity. Fail. I also RARELY did weights. I’d throw in the occasional 15-20min session but it was a sad showing.

Game changer was in March. I started teaching spin and hit up the Muscle Pump class once a week. Slowly I evolved. Now I am currently teaching two boot camp classes and two spin classes a week. My butt is working itself off. Its awesome. I have four guaranteed workouts and they are ALL different. Yay challenges!

So what I’m really getting to is…. Here is a cardio boot camp class that my class and I conquered recently. Most exercises can be done sans weights but if you have some dumb bells around GRAB THEM. You can do this stuff at home or at the gym. My heart gets a beating and I start a sweating, and its great. Hope you get your work out on too!

Warm Up!

1min high knee jogs
1min jump rope
1min skier jumps (Ice skater hops)
1min jumping jacks
*light stretch for 2mins*

Work It Out
1min prisoner squats

1min Side Step Squats (30s ea. side)

1min Single Leg Deadlifts (1min ea. leg)

1min In-Out Bicep Curl (curl normally, then curl with arms angled out)

1min Tricep French Press (if you don’t have weights grab a water bottle!)

1min Crab Walk

1min Mountain Climbers

1min Lunges

20 Push-ups

Repeat at least TWICE!

Core Work:

1min Toe Touches

1min Basic Crunch

1min Side Plank (ea. side)

1min Plank

Cardio is worked in without it being a running class. I find that after the warm up I’m already starting to sweat. This kind of thing gets my heart going in a very different way than machines do and I feel like a champ afterward. Give it a shot, work out, and don’t quit! It’s only for a minute and you can move on!!

Check this playlist out if you need some get your work out on encouragement:


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