How I Met My Husband

I met my husband through online dating. Does that make anyone feel awkward? I think sometimes it makes me feel a little weird, but obviously how can I complain when I got such a looker out of the deal? I can say that before meeting my hubs, I was one hundred percent on hater duty when it came to online dating though. My sister had mentioned it to me when she graduated college, and I scoffed. You see, I still was in school and had thousands of men-boys all around. It seemed to me if you started a conversation, walked around Boulder, or had boobs, you had a shot at snagging a guy. However I had a rather rude awakening when I, myself, graduated.

 When I wasn’t bathing in waves of anxiety about getting a job, I was at the gym or trying to save money by hanging out with friends at home. Then when I finally did get a job I was getting up at 5:30am to hit the gym, drive an hour and twenty to work, work, and then drive all the way home. I was no hermit but my social life went from college high life to post grad zero life.

My lovely supervisor, however, was a shining light of relationship success. How annoying. When I was sleep deprived, road raged, and trying desperately to get settled into working girl life, she had a boyfriend of a year plus and did fun couple stuff. Poo. How did she meet lover-boy?

She would name drop and boasted of its love matching capabilities. She was convincing. She knew how to get to me, throw a little sarcasm about my pitiful social life, and then slide in a persuasive argument about meeting a good guy… I was slipping on my skepticism. Her one-two punch that she had a successful relationship and the possibility of meeting hunky guys was intoxicating. What can I say? I’m slightly swayed by peer pressure (intensely swayed). So after a few weeks of my horrendous routine, after I was spent from another day of driving, I broke down and created a profile. I found myself getting a little bit more excited with every page I filled out. I called my sister and asked her to proof my lay-it-all-out-there love profile. Then before I knew it, I was live. My profile was online and I was surfing through guys that were potential matches.

Now let’s all be honest here, there are some +10 guys and there are some creeper weirdos. Yes I had “winks” sent to me from men my dad’s age, and guys that were barely legal. It was rather comical though. Based on certain criteria that I’d outlined, I had the widest range of male prospects I could have ever imagined. Computer programmers to mechanics to  some serious hunks in uniform. The greatest thing is that while I sat at home scanning through guys, they were doing the same thing. So each morning I’d wake up to an inbox packed with messages, but instead of looking at my girlfriends, giving them a pleading look to come save me, has a convenient little button that will send them a happy message letting them know, “No I’m not  interested, but good luck out there, Buck-o.” Or an even friendlier button that sends a rather embarrassing junior high-esque note, telling said hunky dude, “Yes, I am interested!” (insert eyelash batting).

So that’s the background of my story. Very soon I’ll post my suitor story and how Trevor popped into my life….


2 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband

  1. What a wonderful perk to my day Tadwell! I wasn’t expecting all the compliments so thank you for that. I’m truly happy that the ‘pay it forward’ match recommendation has paid off for you. The nice thing is, now you get to recommend to the next lonely girl who is annoyed at the douche bags she meets at bars and then read their lovely blog attributing all of their happiness to you. HA HA! Looking forward to reliving your story about how you met Trevor in your next bloggy goodness!

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