Thursdays are pretty much my favorite day of the week. In college they were the big night out in Boulder and were generally the best night of the weekend. Yes, Thursdays count as your weekend in college. Depending on drink specials most days were weekends… now I live in Alaska where Happy Hours are illegal. Reread that. They are illegal.

Anyways what I was really trying to get around to is that Thursday are the best day. First of all they are the day before Friday, the weekend is literally around the corner; and while I feel anxious for the weekend, it’s not as antsy as I am on Fridays, so it makes the afternoon work hours slightly less painful. That’s one point. Secondly, I teach my spin class on Thursdays. No matter how annoyed, tired, hungry, blah feeling I could ever be, the second I clip into the bike and have my sweet playlist cued up, I’m a happy camper. I love going to spin. Its my one workout a week that I leave completely drenched, happy, tired, and its heavenly. Now as an instructor it also offers the nice component that I am helping others get a good work out. It’s a lovely combo of feeling accomplished and productive. Today was a particularly great class if I do say so myself and I look forward to sharing the work out with everyone soon.

Tonight after my sweat fest at spin, I then cruised home and had a scrumptious dinner made by my hubby, Trevor. Isn’t he cute? (I love when he makes this face… it always makes me laugh). He made red pepper fettuccine with Italian sausage. And I love me some sausage (that’s what she said). Now for a girl who just finished a killer workout, nothing quite hits the spot like carbs. Yum. The red pepper fettuccine was BOMB. If you go into a specialty kitchen/grocery store and they have some… BUY IT. It was both pasta-tastic and red pepper reminiscent. It was fresh and delicious tasting and it made me happy. So get some. Also air fives to this tomato sauce… When I was little I hated tomato sauce. Even now sometimes I give tomato sauce the sink eye. Because sometimes tomato sauce is TOO tomato-y… too sugary. And when I’m in those moods I olive oil and Parmesan it up and give the sauce the cold shoulder. But yummmm Classico Tomato & Basil… Well done.

So with spin down, dinner happily in my bell (said like Fat Bastard), I felt the urge to get my clean on. Turbo Clean style. What’s Turbo Clean you ask? It means getting down and dirty fast. Knock out cleaning. Mike Tyson cleaning. I want the house done in an hour – hour and a half MAX cleaning. Trevor and I TKO-ed the house. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, shower scrubbing, sink wiping, dish-washing… DING DING This baby is donnneeee. Somethings I would like to mention after the T.C. Swiffer mop/wipe sticks are retardedly short. I would have to be 4’9″ with unproportionately short arms for this thing to be the right fit. And for a girl who is 5’6″ with monkey arms this shiz is asking for humpback city. Enter old lady cleaning position. Two, I use Mop’n Glo on my floors and it gives the house a clean scent that makes me feel totally accomplished. Do you have a cleaning product that instills the sense of clean in you? Honestly, having the house clean and sparkling is a major Thursday bonus. If its done today then my weekend is miraculously free of scrubbing/sweeping that sucks the wind out of my sails.

I feel like the last 5 hours have been ridiculously productive and that only further contributes to my love of Thursdays. A great class, a delicious dinner, and my house is clean as a whistle. Looks like my weekend is going to be lovely 🙂 Landscaping, a spin class, time with friends, and Trevor time…. no complaints here. What are your weekend plans? Did you knock anything off of your list this week to free up more weekend time? Are you on board with Thursdays being the best?


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