I have to send out a rather sad but important message: I will rarely post dessert, baked goods, or awesomely decadent sweets. This is in complete opposition to what my stomach craves and what puts my anxiety to bed, but I have to make a commitment to keep the desserts to a minimum.

I am a dessert lover, a baked good addict and have more cavities than I’d care to share. I could spend days drooling over some of the magical things people create out of flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, and chocolate. The problem is that when I make any of these things I end up eating them in under oh let’s say a day or two. (That may be generous depending on what it is I made). Somethings I literally have to have my husband hide from me simply so I can’t continue to inhale all things sugar. I love all my foodie blogs that are filled to the brim with all kinds of things but I’d weigh 500lbs very quickly if I made desserts that often.

I hope that most, if not all, recipes that I post (repost 🙂 ) will be healthy options. I’m trying to add more veggies to my diet, and figure out how to get the right foods. Real Simple had the app Fooducate in last month’s issue and its been a useful grocery store friend.  It allows you to scan bar codes on your food and then it will evaluate its nutrition. Sometimes its a little impossible to find all the “A” foods unless you can afford to buy all organic or shop exclusively at Whole Foods. FYI Fairbanks, AK is not a priority Whole Foods location so I make do the best I can with regular food but shoot for the best price with hopefully a “B” range. I get knocked on my butt by the amount of sugar in things and this handy dandy little app helps me be a bit more accountable.

Bad idea huh?

Apparently the more sugar you have the more you crave it… well if that’s true then its no wonder that after dinner I’m already running through a mental list of “treats” that I can have for dessert!

So there is my slightly depressing promise to you. I’ll throw some of my absolute favorite desserts in but generally I’ll keep it to “real” food.

*tear*  Please feel free however to indulge like I do, and scour the blogging world for dessert eye candy. Someday when I’m old and a grandmother, and I’m allowed to be squishy and soft, you know what I’ll be eating!


3 thoughts on “Beware!

  1. I have the exact same problem! I got two chocolate bars from a friend and they were both gone in less than a week. Sugar = crack.

    The hardest part for me is all the sugar hidden in snack foods. I’m good about eating a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner, but snacks are where I falter. I think I’m doing ok with a granola bar, and then I see how much sugar is in it – I might as well eat ice cream as a snack! I’m trying reallllllly hard to end my sugar addiction, and eat only “whole” foods. I need to find some good snack recipes and options for when I get hungry between meals.

    • Have you noticed this with yogurt too?? I am on a Greek yogurt kick currently but the ones with flavors are just as bad as any other yogurt! So I’ve decided to get the plain yogurt and then I add fresh blueberries and a little bit of honey. Then hopefully its a little healthier.. hopefully!

      • Greek yogurt is my all-time favorite snack! I stopped eating flavored yogurt all together – it tastes too artificial and sugary (perhaps the one food that’s too sweet for me!). Greek yogurt, strawberries, a little GoLean crunch on top… YUM.

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