Throw Back Spinning

I teach a spin class once a week right now and I’m committed to making new playlists each week. I give tons of credit to because this lady has allowed THIS newbie to get some confidence as a new instructor. She has a giant library of songs that conveniently I have a lot of the same of. She gives each song a purpose and helps drive the riders to go after it. I’m slowly starting to forage my own path and pick songs she doesn’t have. Its been a huge comfort though to be able to check out a pro’s blog and get not only direction, but a great foundation for a killer work out. This playlist was for my first class over a month ago; hopefully you’ll get a great workout and leave feeling slightly worn out but that it was very much worth it!


Warm Up

Start Me Up:

Medium tension, about a 7 on a flat road

Bring it up on Grown Man Cry **50 secs—up quarter notch

Sit it down at 1:15

Bring it up Grown Man Cry **1:40-quarter not up, push the pace

Sit down at 2:00

Grown Man Cry 2:22 notch up and out of the saddle

Stay up, another notch at 2:40

Hold on to it, (minute standing)

Mony Mony

There’s a nice 40-50 second recovery period between each sprint,

so when you go, you should go all out– race day pace!


Seated pace

Stand at 28

Race at 40-1:00

Seated pace 1:02

Stand at 1:30

Race at 1:43-2:03

Seated pace at 2:05

Stand at 2:45

Race at 2:55, hold on til 3:17

Sit at 3:16

Stand 3:45

Race at 3:58, hold it for the last minute

Jessie’s Girl

Take your speed up 10% at each chorus

Take it back down to a 6, get ready for the surges

Turn it up to 7 at (0:22 – 0:45)

Speed thru chorus

Back to pace and turn it up to a 7.5

1:00 speed chorus, hold on for double chorus til 1:40

30 sec normal, then at 2:16 – 3:14 chorus speed til end

You Shook Me All Night Long

Slow build, start at a 6.5

30 sec, turn it up to a 7

1:01 Stand up

1:16 sit down, turn it up 7.5

1:47 Stand up, hold it 30 secs up

2:20 sit it down, turn it up 8

2:50 Stand it up,

Last 40 second give it speed and don’t touch the dial

Raspberry Beret (UP downs)

7 Flat road, catch breath

24secs in demo up down tempo

4 up, 4 down

55 sec Chorus 2 up, 2 down

Sit down at 1:15 “looovvee her” turn it up

4 count up down

1:50 2 count up downs

Sit down at 2:12 “loovvee herr” turn it up

4 Count up downs

2:46 2 count up downs

Slow down and turn it down at 3:10

Ice Ice Baby

Back to a 6

41 sec up to a 7

58 sec Stand up and slow pace

Sit it back down 1:15

1:31 notch up

2:04 notch up

2:21 Stand up and slow pace

2:37 sit back down

3:10 Stand and slow pace

3:31 sit it down, notch up

3:57 stand it up and ride the hill out

You Make My Dreams Come True

Back to a 6 flat road

Now take it to a pace that you can maintain but is challenging

1min turn it up

2min turn it up

3min turn it up

Make it all about your cadence, try and keep the same pace the whole song

Billie Jean

Start building your hill, just at the base, feel about a 7

1:13 stand it up, turn it up to a standing 7…

1:26 Speed standing hill

1:48 sit back down, don’t touch the dial

2:32 Stand it up, turn it to a standing 8

2:48 speed it up, standing hill

3:06 keep standing, keep your speed

3:28 sit it down, don’t touch the dial

4:20 if you need to stand to push though, last 30 secs

Sunglasses At Night (Debateable)

Flatten out back to a 6

Get your legs rolling

45 sec sprint

1:02 back to pace

2:10 sprint

2:39 back to pace

What I like About You


4 count ups, 4 count downs

36 secs, 2 counts

47 sec, 4 counts

1min 2 counts

1:18 8 count up downs

1:48 4 count up downs

2:06 2 count up downs

2:36 4 count up downs

Hungry Like the Wolf

(3:42): Okay, take the tension to 4/10, get up off the saddle, and find the beat. Increase the tension every 60 seconds until you’re at the max you can handle and still keep the beat.

Take On Me

Flat road, we’re gonna finish the work out with some quick sprints.

Give it everything you’ve got, it’s the last 4 mins

37 add some wind

52 speed it up

1:15 back to pace

1:31 speed it up

1:55 back to pace

2:13 turn it up a little, keep your pace

2:51 speed it up, hold to it for a long speed ramp

3:20 sprint for ten secs

Slow it down, ready for cool down



Lengthy post but hopefully you can pull together the play list and print this out to kick your butt on the bike!


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