I find that the things I think about most are food, working out, or when I get to see my husband next. Don’t tell him but I really think that food takes up the majority of my thoughts. Even sitting here now my mouth is watering because ten minutes ago I looked at some incredible make-at-home pretzels (Drool Worthy Pretzels), and well I can’t stop fantasizing about them. Although I would add cinnamon sugar to mine, because, well, that sounds even more delicious. I honestly could look up recipes for most of the day but then I’m left with a pit in my stomach and the cravings of a pregnant woman. What can I say I’m a domestic foodie!

My overall goal here will be to share my workouts, my favorite recipes, and some everyday life occurrences. I have to admit that I’m not a Fairy Godmother cook. Meaning I don’t have a magic wand and I’m much better at making other people’s recipes than my own. I am a certified spin instructor and an avid runner. I’ll tell you that I am more of a 5k runner than anything else. I’ll occasionally check out the odd half marathon, and throw in some 10ks but honestly my knees and mental capability to put in serious mileage is not as strong as I’d like to admit. Hopefully this blog will offer some realistic recipes, workouts and maybe make you laugh once in a while. Hopefully I’ll be a blogger friend that you can relate to and find somethings you can do in your daily life too!


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